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Time flies, even faster when at home! December 14, 2010

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Where did the week go? Time at home flies by even faster than time on the road! Coming back from England straight into the Open House got things off to a flying start. We had a great turnout, untroubled by snow – although there was torrential rain, but knitters on the quest for a good yarn bargain are a hardy bunch.

I managed 30 hours out on Tancook Island last week, and, now that strolling around outside is no longer a favourite activity, I resumed my work on quilting the footstool cover that was started last winter.  I was delighted to find that I had already pieced all the sections (I was into precision piecing at the time, not yet influenced by Gwen Marston), sewn the shaped corners of the top, covered the piping, and had been all ready to try to put the piping in, but it  appeared that this was where I chickened out of the project.

In my new spirit of liberated stitchery, I decided to dive right in (thank you, Gwen). The result, although I’d freely admit  it is not perfect, is quite pleasing, and the object of the exercise (to cover an excessively ugly synthetic fabric) has been achieved. I’m going to add a little more black to the ‘skirt’ before I’m done – but we’re nearly there.

Nearly done

There is one more stool to cover, and this one I think will be in the form of a cruciform liberated quilt, no more piping for me, except of the Plover variety!

Back home again, I squared up to the Christmas baking and the fall-out of the culinary crisis that I discovered just before I left: I forgot to include the suet in the Xmas puddings! So I began again; more puddings have been made. A lot of healthy, fat-free dried-fruit desserts will be served around this house to salvage the remains of the botched batch!

Then it was off to the dentist to have my day ruined. I don’t know why they ask “How are you?” as you arrive to have a wisdom tooth pulled. Do you suppose it’s so they don’t have to ask you afterwards?  Fortunately, one evidently forgets the torment of both jaws aching with a peculiar throbbing sensation after only a few years. I don’t remember it being this bad last time. I do however, thank my lucky stars that I’m not a sailor on a square-rigged ship, at the mercy of the bosun with a pair of rusty pliers. Now, please pass the painkillers.


P.S. The ongoing miserable pain turns out to have been an infection wreaking havoc, and things are now settling down a bit after the judicious application of antibiotics. Phew.

PPS I forgot to mention the burning of the midnight oil in order to complete the Rockin’ Sock Club 2011 design. It’s now in Tina’s hands (and off my desk for a while). (Registration begins Jan. 4, 2011)


3 Responses to “Time flies, even faster when at home!”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    I hope the jaws feel better soon.

    Please tell us the story of that polka-dot rug. Did you make it? It’s so you!

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