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Pre-Christmas run-up December 22, 2010

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We are enduring bizarre weather here. Whilst the UK is blanketed in uncharacteristic quantities of snow (we have received plaintive requests for the loan of our snow-blower from transatlantic relatives), we are having a series of ultra wet and wickedly windy Monday storms accompanied by serious storm surges, with the tides reaching hitherto unprecedented heights. What little remained of our first small snowfall has now washed away. These conditions have, however, made for reasonable traveling and my university flock is now safely gathered in.

Here’s an except from a recent UK email:

“don’t want to (GO OUT) as I haven’t had my car out yet. Church St is compacted ice and totally white. Our veg man cant deliver and so no veg as yet. The supermarkets are canceling everyone’s on-line deliveries, no post, mail-order not getting through. Airports total chaos.

My husband told me yesterday that we have no oil left for the AGA stove!!! He is going to have to siphon some off someone else if he wants to live!!! The price of oil has doubled. Apart from that, we are all still alive.  Will be very glad to see A. home, though she might not be so glad if there is no Aga.”

Sounds like a developing country! Good luck to everyone in the UK. And to think, that only a week or so ago, it was a balmy 15 degrees (Celsius) here in Nova Scotia.


4 Responses to “Pre-Christmas run-up”

  1. MerryKarma Says:

    It was 85 and sunny down in the Dallas, TX area yesterday…not very conducive to feeling the Ho Ho Ho. Today, cloudy and 55, damp and a little windy. Much better.

    Merry Christmas to you Lucy!

  2. Here on the far west coast of Canada it’s raining (of course) but warm. +10 is forecast for Christmas Eve.
    Happy Holidays

  3. magnusmog Says:

    Ah yes, I can vouch for the snowy UK weather. It is beautiful though.

    Merry Christmas!

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