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The holidays are over! January 3, 2011

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That’s it, the holiday period is over! The house has emptied out, sadly. The tree is gone and the fridge is looking refreshingly bare. The ham bone has been stripped and turned into stock (pea soup is on the menu today, I think). G should have arrived for her university term in Hong Kong in the last couple of hours. Wish I could see how she’s coping after 24 hours of travel and with finding her way to the campus! She was SO excited before she left, it was delightful; she’s been looking forward to this for a year.

I’m resolving (along with many others, I’m sure) to make time to get to the gym regularly, and I hope to complete my enhancements to all the digital patterns and get them up on Ravelry, Knitter’s Vault and Patternfish. Most of all I want to see the new web-site going live ASAP. I also have to finish counting things for the year-end inventory.

I’m feeling incredibly bored by the dull weather we are having: we always used to have Real Weather – fluctuating, changeable, but never dull. The lakes aren’t even frozen. What little snow we had is gone and it’s disgusting. The local ski hills are struggling to keep one run open. What is going on?

Obviously, I need to start a new and exciting knitting project, but I’m not sure what it should be. I’ve come to the end of a couple of DK scarves over the holiday period, which have kept my hands busy, but I’m not sure yet whether I’m holding them back for inclusion in a book – so I can say no more.

Good luck with all your new objectives and many Happy Stitches in 2011.


4 Responses to “The holidays are over!”

  1. Abby Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Lucy. As to your weather, my dad would be happy to send you the snow he got last night–he lives in a California desert! The weather has certainly gone wacky hasn’t it.

  2. MerryKarma Says:

    I’m sure you will come up with something new and interesting to knit. Just sit quietly and listen to your surroundings. Inspiration will rise up in you, and there you go…

    Happy New Year to you Lucy!

  3. I was showing my husband my just purchased bicycle sock pattern, and he said: ” I always thought her name was Lucy KNITBY!”. You probably heard that before, but it is rather funny, I think! Do you think you would be happier with a new name?? (just joking, I dont fancy numerology.)
    Karen from Denmark. PS I still do not get your newsletter, but never mind..

    • Hi Karen,
      You are subscribed to Spun Yarn, you show up on our list. Please be sure that your spam filters are allowing emails from the domain: chebucto.ns.ca

      Happy stitches!

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