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Save the paper mail! February 1, 2011

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Prepare for a rant…

We are all in grave danger. Seriously, friends! This very morning, I heard some pundit discussing the future of letter mail: Is it redundant, should it not perhaps be disbanded?

Please, NO. Think for a few seconds: did you not just hear that the internet has been blocked in Egypt? Text-messaging blocked? In China, websites are ‘harmonized’ (blocked) whenever it suits the government, while all email is monitored for subversive or critical-of-the-government content. Yes, our most popular means of communication are incredibly vulnerable to outside forces: government or industry mischief, power failures, weather vagaries, satellite melt-downs, ISP’s deciding that emails from particular web-servers are not to be allowed in (so you don’t ever get the email!), and I’m sure you could think of more. The more complex the system, the more places there are to break it.

If we have something important and meaningful to say, a letter speaks volumes. A birthday card, a note of condolence: they are especially valuable these days for the care that they imply, and their rarity. I do archive all the strange cryptic emails I receive from my family, but they could all disappear in a single electromagnetic whoosh. I value the letters my mother saved from the days when I was at sea (although I do wonder how they ever deciphered them). We’d sometimes go six weeks between mail deliveries on the ships, so it was with huge anticipation that I leafed through the mail stack for the right stamp and type of paper that meant: a letter from John, mailed months ago. These all bring back thoughts and poignant memories long buried. Emails don’t hold a candle to that.

This is a strange message to share on-line, but there are many, many people (even knitters!) who still do not have computers or access to the internet and never will. I feel for them already, as they are becoming a ‘lesser’ class of citizen, due to the fact that so many services now are only being offered on-line. Community-access programs help (not widely available in the world), but let’s please not forget these people! Sending real paper-based mail is simple, slow, and not nearly as subject to being fiddled with as electronic mail.

Rant is over. Now, back to my Holstein Udder…

4 handy yarn dispensers

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10 Responses to “Save the paper mail!”

  1. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I totally agree with your rant, but your Holstein udder is a beautiful and VERY FUNCTIONAL sight to behold. Who would of udder thought knitting could be so delightful?

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I share your concern about paper mail–I still anticipate the daily delivery and am vaguely disappointed when there’s nothing personal in the box. My 85 year old mother cancelled her internet service last November, saying that she would use the phone and write more letters instead, however she’s reinstated it because she discovered that she was missing out on important news from her church, book club, and the like. Mum and I initiated a round-robin letter amongst the family but we two are the only ones participating! What’s happened to the art of putting pen to paper? Right…I’m going to shut this computer down and go and write a letter!

  3. Fredda Says:

    I just saw a program about the lost art of penmanship and how children view it as “something I might need if the computer breaks down.” Writing is so intimate… I actually still use a fountain pen (with purple ink)! My friends know about me and “purple passion”, so they expect it on my letters and cards; however, I’ve never changed the font or font color of my emails, since they are “templates” at best.

    Your new Holstein Udder Bag is fabulous…such a Lucy thing!!!

  4. Julia H Says:

    I completely agree about keeping paper mail. The internet is great, but what happens when the power fails?? And yes, it is vulnerable to all kinds of control. And there really is nothing like a letter or a real card, that you can keep and bring out from time to time to relive the memory. Don’t get me started on electronic books! Give me a real, solid, paper book to curl up with any day.

    And I love the bag. Enough to have bought the pattern on Patternfish – my first purchase from there, actually. Printing out the pattern this afternoon, actually 🙂

  5. Laurie Says:

    I completely agree with all of you. I am adamant in supporting paper mail and the U.S. Postal Service (as I live in the US). I could wish that everyone everywhere would value their postal services as highly. I have resisted online banking and bill-paying. I practice my penmanship in the margins of my notebooks–I still carry notebooks, right along with my laptop.

    I admit that I have easily moved some activities entirely to the internet. For example, I sometimes shop online instead of doing mail order–but I’m happy to get catalogs in the mail and do share those with friends and family who don’t use the internet. But, I think, I could just as easily switch back if I needed to. I am more concerned with the younger generation who grew up in the online world and those are the only methods they really know.

  6. PainterWoman Says:

    Ditto. Writing (legibly and intelligibly) is important… and in the case of power failures or the desire to bestow a token upon someone, better than even the most coherent email. I’m even irritated that the US is contemplating cutting out Saturday delivery.
    LET’S ALL MAIL SOMETHING TODAY! and there’s Valentine’s Day if you need a reason.

  7. Lucy Neatby Says:

    I will write a note to my mum today! Oh the angst of waiting for the mail….I’d almost forgotten.

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