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Viewing Cool Knitters Finish in Style on a Kindle February 7, 2011

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We’ve been having a bit of discussion here as to how well the .pdf version of Cool Knitters Finish in Style works on a Kindle. The results are varied. Here are some of the comments from our testers and guinea pigs. Thank-you all. I’ve decided to keep the comments in the users own words rather than distill them.

@LucyNeatby I’m using it on a kindle DX and it’s FABULOUS
@LucyNeatby No problem 🙂 I think sometimes PDFs don’t display as well on the smaller-screened kindles. Mine is huge and displays pdfs well.

From L.H.

Part 1
It is very difficult to read on the Kindle because of the size of the text. I think there is a way to pay a small fee to Kindle to reformat a pdf so that the font sizes and other functions on the Kindle can be used, such as underlining, highlighting and such.

Part 2

Dear Lucy,
I downloaded a free program – MobiCreator – the Publishers edition – and followed the directions to change the format of the pdf. Now I can change the font size and read it easily on the Kindle. You do need a cable for the Kindle to attach to the computer, but it worked very well.

Part 3

It is Mobipocket creator. If you google “Kindle and pdf” you will get several options for doing this – I think the Mobi is the easiest solution.

From B.

Hi Lucy,
I did a quick test and had some interesting results.

The file is not readable in portrait mode (text too small), so I went into the text/font settings on my kindle and was able to pretty easily switch to landscape mode. This meant the text was now big enough to read, however for some reason the PDF in this sideways view, sort of leaks onto a second page. So I view a page, hit next page and get the BOTTOM of the last page (or two page spread it looks like) which includes a few sentences. It’s a bit frustrating, I mean the PDF is certainly still readable and at quick glance the illustrations seem to load just fine, but each two page spread can’t be seen all at once (about 90% I would say), and in portrait mode it’s just too small to be readable. (It’s the current small one. I believe it’s called the Kindle 2.)

Lucy – I’ve suggested the Mobi to her now!

Once we moved over to the larger download file (now supplied to all purchasers) we’ve been delighted with the results.

@LucyNeatby I use it on my iPad in iBooks and it’s great! Love having it at my fingertips!


2 Responses to “Viewing Cool Knitters Finish in Style on a Kindle”

  1. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I use an iPod touch. With the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad, as well as with Mac laptops, you can enlarge a page by pinching your thumb and a finger together, placing it on the mouse pad and spreading your fingers apart. This is really helpful if file is in columns. When doing my own patterns I put them in three columns and use a 10 pt font. That way, I can enlarge it to very readable text, especially when I use my iPod in the landscape position.

  2. Spiderlady Says:

    I use it on my Ipad and love it, but then again, I love everything about my Ipad, but what is great is I have it handy!! Thanks Lucy

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