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My beloved (and lost) crochet hook February 15, 2011

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My beloved crochet hook.

Every now and again one stumbles across a tool that not only functions well, but makes one’s heart sing. This wondrous crochet hook was one such tool.

I loved it with a passion – it was perfect in every sense and felt heavenly to use. It was pretty to look at, too, with inlaid dark wood polka dots in the handle. It felt like silk velvet in the hand, as well as having a sensual shapeliness to its handle. Despite being trodden on a couple of times, it mended pretty nicely and kept on going.
As you can guess from my use of the past tense, this treasure is no longer in my possession. I lost it in a hotel Concord NH, and despite immediate and diligent searching, I never found it again.

It came from a now long-gone store, Wilde and Wooly in Black Mountain, somewhere in North Carolina. It had been made by a local woodworker (it was burned with some kind of signature). You can see it in action in the following clip. (Please click through to YouTube until I learn how to embed the video here. Thanks for your patience.)

I’ve searched high and low, but I have not been able to find anything like it on the internet. I know my chances are slim, but I’m asking for help – do you know of this woodworker?


9 Responses to “My beloved (and lost) crochet hook”

  1. Susan Says:

    My husband is a woodturner: breezyhillturning.com. I can ask him. It is not the kind of thing he makes regularly, but he can be coerced fairly easily. You had breakfast with him at KnitUK a couple of times last summer, but he probably was too mortified to talk! Also, dyakcraft.com has lovely crochet hooks. I just got their interchangeable needle set and love it!

  2. Marietta Thompson Says:

    That yarn shop changed hands & then moved & finally went out of business years ago. The wood carver was undoubtedly local & may now possibly be associated with the Earth Guild located in Asheville, NC – – it’s at least a possibility. Go to http://www.earthguild.com .
    Don’t know if this is much help – – might be worth a try, though. They may know if this person is still in the area, or at least who it is & where they are now.
    Good Luck!!!

  3. erinamelia Says:

    I wanted to watch it in action but you disabled the embedding! 🙂

  4. This guy’s hooks look to be a similar shape:

  5. forrestwife Says:

    I’m at Nice Threads in Black Mountain, and am friendly with Jeaninne King who used to work at Wilde and Wooly and I’ll email her and ask if she knows.
    robyn Josephs

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