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(small) Price increases are now a necessity February 26, 2011

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Around the office there has been a lot of discussion about our pattern prices: they have been held steady for years despite rising operating costs. In fact, none of us can even remember the last time there was an increase.

Times, meanwhile, have been changing and our operating costs have been steadily increasing. The US dollar is now below par with the Canadian one, effectively reducing my U.S. teaching wages when converted to Canadian dollars: this means I have much less money to invest in the business and am feeling the difference. Although a small savings in company overheads has been realised from the shift to digital patterns, this is offset by the huge number of hours, hardware and software investments, and employees that were needed to arrive at this stage. It is with much agonising and with great reluctance that we have decided that we must raise the prices of some patterns and of the new book, Cool Knitters Finish in Style, on April 1st.

We feel that a $7 pattern still represents excellent value-for-money: you get, usually, 6 pages of basic pattern directions enriched with enough extra technique hints, variations and technical explanations to make them more like a workshop than a pattern. Each pattern is designed to give you more basic knowledge and consequently more scope in the creative art of knitting. We strive to give you power over your knitting!

Along those lines: With our newly acquired technical skills, we will continue to further enhance both new and existing patterns by filming pattern-specific video clips (found on YouTube) and adding extra pictures. Your suggestions for needed video bits are welcomed.

I wanted to let you know of our price increases in advance because we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. I also wanted to let you know that much thought went into the decision to increase prices. Also, you might possibly want to buy a few patterns ahead of April 1st!

Patterns formerly priced at $6 will become $7 and my new book Cool Knitters Finish in Style (paper edition) will increase by $2.00 to $22.00, and digital only by $1 to $16.00.


8 Responses to “(small) Price increases are now a necessity”

  1. Abby Says:

    Whew! I just bought 2 patterns last week. I have to say though that I think $7 is still a bargain for a pattern by you. Your patterns contain lots of detail and I always learn something when using them.

    The video link you provided recently on youtube for the Lucky Number Hat is what prompted me to buy the pattern–I hadn’t seen this hat yet and the technique you showed looked so intriguing I purchased the pattern.

    • Thanks so much for your comments on the pattern content and You Tube clips. I plan to continue to add value with more new clips and pictures.
      We did want to warn our loyal supporters ahead of time.
      Happy stitches.

  2. Jude tarrant Says:

    You sound as if apologizing–do not! It’s still a fantastic value, you are worth way more! Besides, everything in our whole world is increasing, we k ow your expenses are up, and you have to be paid appropriately for your time, talent and energy!
    Thank you for all you add to our knitterly world!!!

  3. Carol Says:

    Lucy, I’ve always thought your patterns are excellent value for the money, and I’ve long thought that they were underpriced for what one receives when one purchases a Lucy pattern. I have paid as much and more than your new pricing for patterns, and received far less information. I’m sure we all want to see you able to stay in business!
    Carol ( a big fan from Perth ON)

    • Many thanks, we are concerned not to put someone off from trying the patterns for the first time.
      Happy stitches to you.

      • Michele Says:

        I agree, your patterns are still a great value. You aren’t raising the prices by much and you do have a business to run. Let’s not forget the great pattern support in your group on Ravelry. Knitters don’t always get that with a pattern.
        Thank you for all of the thought you give your customers.

  4. fina smiley Says:

    Lucy, I love your patterns and I don’t mind paying a bit more for them.
    Keep up the good work

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