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The Great Tancook Island Hat Frolic March 21, 2011

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Our photographic situation has improved immeasurably over the last year. Since realizing that Hillary Dionne’s artistic eye (which can capture a smile on a snail, a bird with its tongue around a seed or a shadow on the water) could be applied to knitting as well, we haven’t looked back.

It’s meant a constant series of trips to Big Tancook Island with not only a load of food and household supplies (there is no store on the island), but also many and various knitted goods. Having to go get my knits photographed is, of course, an ironclad excuse to spend more time on the island!

Slowly we’ve worked our way through the many patterns that can be suitably displayed by draping on moss, seaweed, ice, bark, rocks, rushes, even on Highland cattle. But for some of the garments to come alive, we really needed to find models.

Katy was our first volunteer: she’s Island Girl on the Tancook web site, and writes fascinating pieces about the island. Not only is she gorgeous, but she enjoys working with Hillary and fooling around with the garments.


Mille Feuille Shawl

Since then we’ve had need of models of different sizes and genders. Our youngest, Hannah, kindly modeled the Domino Baby Bonnet and the Challenge Cardigan from Cool Knitters Finish in Style (with a little help from her mum).

Challenge Cardi from Cool Knitters Finish in Style


Along came the Super Hero hat, and we needed a man: Hillary used her cunningest whiles and persuaded Scott to pose with Rhiannon, with the Tancook ferry in the background.


Super Hero Hats in Celestial Merino

Since then we’ve expanded even further, and just recently Hillary has outdone herself.

An outdoor winter fun day was held at the recreation center and, going counter to all expectation, it was a glorious, cold, blue-sky winter day and absolutely everyone turned out for the event. We discovered untold talent in the form of Dora, Angela and Angela’s sons.  Here they are modeling the Lucky Number Hat. David also was seen out and about in his personal Tancook Hat.


Lucky Number Hat in Noro

The ‘stars of the show’ award, however, goes to Rhiannon and her brother Zachary.

In the words of their mother, Hillary, here’s their story:

“Just thought I’d send you one more photo that Zack wanted me to take, just for fun. He said he wanted to make you laugh. Right after I took the picture, he stood up on the big rock (which was slippery) and he started to slide off into the shallow water. He yelled “Mom … please grab me … I’m sliding off the rock!” At that, Rhiannon yelled, “Quick, Mom … save Lucy’s hat!!! Don’t worry about the man!” One thing is for certain; I’m always well entertained!”


Funny, lucky (?) Zack

Now there’s a gal with her knitting priorities all lined up right!

For more of Hillary’s Tancook life and nature photography please visit her at Wishing Stones Gallery


4 Responses to “The Great Tancook Island Hat Frolic”

  1. MerryKarma Says:

    “Save Lucy’s hat!..” Gotta love her.

    Beautiful pictures.

    • Pam Everitt Says:

      You have to get your priorities right!! Great pics, wish I could get her to photograph my knitted stuff!

  2. Ohh what wonderful photos!!!! Not only do they show off your patterns, but they are lovely portraits in and of themselves:-}

  3. Fredda Says:

    You found a fabulous photographer!

    As for Tancook, I’ll have to visit…it’s such an idyllic site!

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