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lucyneatby.com, now with shopping cart! March 30, 2011

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Oh my goodness, It’s finally happened! I can’t quite believe it: we have our new website up and running NOW. It’s hard to remember how long this has been going on, but we are nearly there. We are open for business with a shopping cart for my books, DVDs and patterns. The yarn will be the next set of products made available, and so on until we have all our product categories open.

It’s hard for me even to piece together the story behind the website, it goes back so far in the planning, and we have had a notable false start resulting from outsourcing the project a few years ago. The past few months have been hugely stressful for Corrie, our webmistress, with the weight of our expectations upon her shoulders, but she assures me that she is already feeling relieved and has returned to sleeping the occasional night.

Our aim was to allow our customers some similar facilities to Patternfish and Ravelry (both have usable and convenient design features) and a few ‘unique to us’ ones. For instance, we thought that as customers you might enjoy having your entire Lucy pattern library available to you anywhere you are (with a computer), so those of you with a Lucy Neatby website account can access your patterns from your own website Notebook: log in and download any of your patterns anytime you like! The way your patterns get there? Purchase a PDF pattern from lucyneatby.com and we automatically add the pattern into My Notebook – My PDFs. With the magic of modern computing at our service, your stored pattern will always be the latest, most up-to-date version, too!

We send our heartfelt thanks to our group of beta testers, who have helped immeasurable by ruthlessly hunting out gremlins! You were awesome!

We now must take time for a celebration. But where to find it?

It sounds ridiculous that time doesn’t seem to permit celebration, but Susan and I are faced with many new organizational challenges in the office (You should see the Administration section of the new site! We can do anything, by the look of it.) and Corrie is still working away like a trojan behind the scenes. But we will have coffee and cakes together! Soon. I think.

Bits about our new website:

As you can see in the site, some sections are still under construction. They are growing slowly and will be open as soon as the code tests out stable and correct.

We are working on a system that will let you choose between paper and pdf patterns; currently pdf patterns are available for sale (if a pattern has a PDF version). If you would like the paper pattern, you’ll need to phone or email us. The next project after that is to work out the code for allowing PDFs to be put in the shopping cart and bought several at once. Currently, anything that goes into the shopping cart is charged shipping and handling, and we really don’t wish to collect that on PDFs! We are really pleased with the development of My Notebook, which serves as your ‘room’ in our site. Look through the options available; we hope you’ll like them.

This is Corrie’s first foray into designing and building an interactive (live shopping) website. (My previous site was her first-ever, and only, website.) Quite the adventure. Let’s say this was a high-speed trip into computer literacy for a former housewife and homebody.


12 Responses to “lucyneatby.com, now with shopping cart!”

  1. Lola LB Says:

    Congrats on your new site! Just curious . . . why is a phone number required when registering?

    • Hi Lola,
      Thank you for your congrats and for raising a good question.

      Having your phone number helps us to contact you in the event we have a question about your order. You could put in a fake number, we’d never know, but it might take a bit more time if we did need to contact you. Our policy is that we never sell, share or trade customer information with any other business, person or organization.

      Happy stitches,

  2. Metta Thompson Says:

    Oh – I just cruised around the site – – it’s beautiful. Now, I just have to save up a bit & place an order! Your stuff if gorgeous & I hope to get some yarn & a pattern soon!

  3. MerryKarma Says:


  4. Rekha Sharma Says:

    I have several of your DVDs but the messages about stranded knitting seem mixed. On the one hand, the instruction is to use the new yarn below the old one, but then on knitting patterns, you emphasise keeping the ‘working/background’ yarn below. Please clarify

    • I wonder if you are possibly confusing Intarsia style knitting (where it is always old colour over new with an unlimited number of pieces of yarn per row) with stranded knitting (two colours each taking their turn to work the stitches and running behind the work when they are not used)? I have both styles of knitting filmed on different DVDs.
      With two yarn stranded work it is the yarn that runs below the other that is the most prominent at the front (Left, Lower, Loud is a useful mantra) and in geometric designs it is important not to let the yarns twist. I think of the yarns as having a station in life and they must stick to this. Even when being woven in the yarn dips or rises out of its upper or lower position and then goes immediately back to where it belongs before the following stitch is worked. Take another look at Gems 2.
      Hope this helps – it’s hard in words!

  5. LadyPurl813 Says:

    Congratulations on the new website!!! I love your DVDs and was happy to discover the DVD subscription service on Ravelry. I have all of them but 5 so I may sign up to have those delivered through the subscription service. Love the intarsia and double knitting patterns. Great options for reinforcing the technique.

  6. LadyPurl813 Says:

    You are so welcome! It’s my pleasure. I definitely take care of the “word of mouth” end of the bargain. Everyone who asks me to teach them to knit gets a referral. I insist that they buy “The Brand New Knitter.” I’ve even gifted this DVD to a few friends. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. I will sign up as a subscriber by the end of the week.

  7. Erma Ripley Says:

    sorry, couldn’t find “notebook” to enter my password.

    • Hi Emma,
      Try the little book symbol at the top right of the home page – next to the telephone. We plan to change the symbol to text asap. Sorry for any confusion.Lucy

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