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New website and Spring musings April 12, 2011

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The new website has been in operation for just over a week now. Things are going very well. There have been the usual small hiccups, and of course many minor adjustments / improvements are being made on an ongoing basis. The most difficult part of all this change here at www.lucyneatby.com will be us getting used to new routines: even good change is stressful!

For the best possible service, do set up a user name and password when purchasing patterns: this way you’ll always be able access this pattern from your Notebook in My PDFs on the site, and the pattern on file will automatically be the latest edition. This is also a great boon to me as a designer, as I can continue to add improvements to patterns and share them with you. As a side effect, you will always have access to your patterns if you are near a computer and an internet connection – great for when you are travelling and find a new yarn that must be knit up immediately! We also ask for your phone number, in case we have a query about your order, and your country so that we may calculate shipping costs properly. (You may enter a bogus phone number if you do not wish to disclose your actual number, and the registration will still succeed.)

We are now proceeding with the yarn photography so that we can open the Yarns section on the website. After a number of false starts, we’ve decided to send samples of all the yarns and colourways over to Tancook Island for Hillary’s attention. Apparently she can now be found striding around the island with a suitcase full of yarn and her camera! (Good job she is unlikely to be mugged by passing knitters!)

Entre-laxing! Cranberry Fiber Arts, MA


I’m currently embarked on my Tour de Massachusetts (hey, on this occasion I managed to spell MA correctly first time around; don’t ask me to repeat this feat). I had optimistically thought that the travel for this trip would be fairly easy and short, but found it neither. My direct flight from Halifax was cancelled and, through interesting routing, I ended up getting stuck in Toronto overnight (about 1400 miles further from my goal than I started out). I finally arrived at my destination the following day, sans luggage, and just in the nick of time to give my talk to the Essex County Needlework Guild.  Things were now looking considerably better! It’s always such fun to meet fellow needle artists with a their wide ranging areas of interest. Very few species of needlecraft were not represented in this group! It was challenging, however, to give a workshop in the metaphorical nude: I had none of my knitted samples, as my suitcase was somewhere, but not with me. It was a considerable relief when my luggage showed up the following evening!

Spring is in the air here, the snow has just melted, and in the many boatyards there is the hint of new anti-fouling paint on the breeze. Very evocative of my teenage sailing days: it’s wonderful how a scent can bring on such vivid mental time-travel. There is, too, the underlying current of excitement as boats are prepared to go back in the water for the season. Launch day, and the arrival of the mobile crane, were always both eagerly awaited and full of frantic rushing about. The important question of the day inevitably was: could all the boats be launched before the tide ebbed?

My question now, though, is a different one. All these yachts and motor-boats now protected for the winter, not with the re-usable heavy, rope-lashed tarpaulins as in my day, but shrink-wrapped in white plastic, are generating tons and tons of discarded plastic each spring. Does anyone know if this is recyclable in any way?





Motif #1 - Rockport, MA


4 Responses to “New website and Spring musings”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I had the pleasure of attending your Short Row session in Newton MA. Your travel schedule is daunting & I hesitate to ask you a question here. (Please redirect me if necessary….) When I went home I wanted to try my new skills especially the Japanese Short Rows. Fortunately, I purchased 2 DVDs (Gems 2 & Knitting Essentials 2). Please clarify for me: are the instructions you handed out in class different from the technique showed on Gems 2 for Japanese short rows on the WS? The text on the handout seems to be different than what is shown on the DVD.
    Thank you.

    • The filmed Japanese and the text should the same. In what way do you find them different? Feel free to give me a call and I’ll see if I can resolve the apparent difference!

  2. luann Says:

    I have wondered the same thing about all that plastic, Lucy. It seems wrong on so many levels. The boatyards must have to hire dumpsters just to get rid of it all.

  3. Lyn Says:

    Yes, our nearby boatyard does recycle the shrink-wrap white plastic and also encourages the use of canvas covers. Boats in the water — a great sign of spring.

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