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What a difference a door makes! May 23, 2011

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This is possibly the start of a saga. My husband has decided that our much worn and slightly sagging kitchen needs to be replaced. In order to make this a worthwhile exercise, I wish to make a significant improvement to the layout whilst we are in a state of turmoil.

Thus, the first move in order to gain a little more work surface is to block off the current door to Tradewinds head office! The door used to lead directly from the kitchen into the office (more recognizable to conventional house dwellers as a dining room). In order to keep Susan and the Tradewinds staff happy, a new a new office access route would be necessary, as scrambling through the window opening is not conducive to efficient work.

We now have a much wider hole, which leads directly from the hallway  and I rather like the way it opens up the space. We should have done this years ago. I can see it coming, this is going to lead to a full remodeling of the office before we are done.

It turns out that the blocking of the former access has changed my commuting route – I now have to leave the kitchen and walk three feet further around the corner and I no longer find myself being seduced into to office on the merest whim. This I am convinced is an excellent thing. It’s very hard being self-employed not to just pop in and check email or start shuffling papers. It’s not efficient or effective – just leaves one feeling that you are constantly at work, yet you really don’t get anything done other than knowing that work awaits you.

It’s far more effective to go to the office with intent to complete certain tasks and give oneself up to the mission. That is satisfying and hopefully will be easier to achieve now.

This limbo state is what I call “half-working” and I find often occurs when the house is full of visitors or children on holiday. That’s when you need to be able to put wood in the hole behind you and close the door!


3 Responses to “What a difference a door makes!”

  1. Abby Says:

    I hope this remodel works and helps you stay out of the office. I feel your pain. For eight years I had a home business and it was just as you say–it felt like I was always at work. I also get irritated when I see ads about being self-employed so you don’t have a boss–ha! If you’re self-employed you have as many bosses as you have customers–some good, some not so good.

    • Mostly I love the freedom, but you have to remember to take the sunny days off (fortunately I don’t live in CA) as there is always more work that could be done. I am lucky to have family and friends that help me to maintain the balance.

  2. Judy G. Says:

    I wish you better luck with your “limbo” than ours. It started last September, and continues today. 9 months- I could have had a baby. I am at the mercy of the hole-digging guy. My eventual studio/playroom is at stake so I’m getting a little impatient.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you this weekend at Meunster.

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