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My best journey this year June 9, 2011

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I’ve arrived in Humboldt, Saskatchewan at St. Peter’s Monastery. This has been my best journey this year: everything was on time and I got to the right destination! I’m recognized and warmly greeted as “You’re the knitting lady?” I’m here in the company of quilters and sewers. One knitting tutor amongst a gang of the sharp needle brigade! This is an interesting experience, as I don’t really speak the language of sewers! I’m immensely curious to learn and glean whatever I can, especially with my new-found interest in fabric piecing. I wouldn’t dream of calling myself a quilter in this company. Well, not in any really. I’m just a dilettante, a rank beginner.

I’m amazed by the amount of equipment sewers need to carry around when on retreat: the range of machines, tools and the accompanying number of essential gadgets and gizmos that are required and available. I’m relieved that the colours of fabric available here in the little on-site store are not wild enough to seduce me. Perhaps the SK colour palette is different. I’m sure that Wendy Toye, the organizer of this week-long event, would have temptation galore at her store, Haus of Stitches, in the nearby town of Munster. I will try not to visit it!

This interesting monastery has been here since 1903, a very long time in the history of Saskatchewan – which didn’t become an official province until 1905! St.Peter’s is both a college as well as a religious institution.


5 Responses to “My best journey this year”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Hi Lucy, Happy to read that you are well. Quilting was my mad passion before knitting!

  2. mk Says:

    I’m a sewer, but prefer knitting retreats…because of that equipment issue.

  3. It was very interesting and educational! Wendy has built an impressive event in a rural community over the last nine years. It was delightful to be the knitting component.

  4. Judy G. Says:

    And we were very happy to have you with us knitters! While I came home thinking “Oh boy, now I want to start quilting!”, that wore off within the week, and now I’m just waiting for the postal strike to be over so I can get my DVDs which are caught in the mail. Also looking forward to seeing your line of yarn available on your website.

  5. Pamela Says:

    Met you at the Munster Retreat,.,,did not take one of your classes as I am one of those “Gizmo Toting..Equipment Lugging Quilting Girls”

    I did start my knitting life at the age of 6 (that is many decades ago I must admit) my mother being my teacher of the skills. I have lost interest in knitting over the last few years as just didn’t see any patterns or techniques that reved me up!

    I am known in our Quilters group as the “Bright, & Wild Fabric Lady”

    Saw some of what you were teaching at the retreat and guess what! I am knitting during my “off quilting times”,(usually in the car or boat while waiting for the fish to bite!) I love your use of Bright Colors, exciting new patterns, and have sent in an order for your DVD’s. and patterns.

    If you return to the Retreat next year I will be fast to sign up!

    Thanks Lucy for returning me to a world from my past with new vigor and excitement! Quilting and Knitting can live together in the same house!

    Pamela … In Stitches!

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