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Held Hostage… June 16, 2011

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Well it’s finally happened: Canada Post has today shut its doors on its workforce. Up till now we’ve been limping along with a series of rolling strikes, leaving us with much uncertainty as to how our packages were faring.

Now we are certain: they will be going nowhere fast. We apologize to all those whose orders have been caught in transit; please feel free to call or email us to determine when any recent order was mailed.

Happily, we do have a contingency plan for our US and International customers, thanks to the help of our wonderful distributors Up North Fiber Art Supply in WI. They have kindly offered to drop-ship our US and International orders for the Lucy DVDs, books and patterns. Thank you to Barb and staff!

For our beleaguered Canadian customers we can offer courier service for DVDs for only a small additional charge. Please contact us.

In the meantime, we are profoundly thankful for our digital products, as otherwise we would have no income at all until this is over. Our regular business expenses and wages, of course, remain unchanged.

Only recently I heard, from our wonderful mail-carrier, how important small internet-based companies are to the survival of Canada Post and their jobs. Canada Post is having to reinvent itself in order to survive, but a strike is only going to force businesses to reduce their dependance upon their service. Private companies, such as Kodak (with the sudden demise of film cameras), have had to perform similar contortions, and really, one just has to get on with it. Industrial action that results in harming one’s customers, all in order to keep things the way they always were, only hastens extinction.

Here is a subject of mirth and minor irony: we mailed our monthly cheque to pay Canada yesterday!

We will be posting our next Spunyarn* newsletter shortly, but will be delaying the launch of the yarn section of our website until we are able to mail the orders once again. No point you all drooling over yarns you have no access to! With any luck at all, the mail strike will be settled soon.

*Signing up for Spunyarn is easy. Simply send an email to webmaster@lucyneatby.com


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