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Cats, and a wonderful but soggy book! July 4, 2011

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I’ve not really embraced electronic reading devices – I still love to snuggle up in bed at night with a paper book. Sadly, I’ve just finished a wonderful novel, The Sea Captain’s Wife, by local author Beth Powning.
I took pains to read this book as slowly as I could bear to, as I was enjoying it so much. I confess that the subject matter, due to my seafaring past, intrigued me from the start, and I was impressed by the honest and accurate descriptions of life at sea on a sailing ship and the wonderful feel of its local setting (subjects which are dear to me); it kept me enthralled to the end. I highly recommend this book.
Another aspect of this book that I was enjoying was the sweet smooth feel of the paper in my hand: Spartan yet seductive. That was, until the cat appeared on the scene. The dear cat in his dotage is becoming more and more eccentric, and is shamelessly cosseted by his adopted people. His latest habit is to come up to bed at night and, if the bedroom door is open a crack, to make a bee-line to take a drink from MY mug of bedside water (none other one will do). I adore the cat, but find this habit a shade less than savoury. In order to counter this, we now take three mugs of water to bed at night: the cat’s is left on the landing for his pleasure. Even so, mine still appears to contain the very best water and, given the chance, he’ll still be into it! So I have been taking the precaution of tucking it under the overhang of the bed into a corner so that he cannot access it.
I grievously underestimated the determination of Mr. Cuddles. Cats are not noted for their manual dexterity, but on this occasion he was determined that I was holding out on him and, unheard by me in the night, he had somehow managed to hook a geriatric claw into the mug handle and tip over the mug, the contents of which were then promptly absorbed into my beautiful book, also on the floor near my bedside. It took several days to dry and has never felt quite the same again.

I have taken note of this and now always position my iPod higher than the water, should I have it near the bedside.


6 Responses to “Cats, and a wonderful but soggy book!”

  1. Christina Says:

    That’s so peculiar. My female cat is getting on in years and no matter how clean and full her water dish is she will only drink from a glass on my night stand. Nothing else will do and she’s so stubborn in her determination to get what she wants that she will sit on my pillow and yowl until I fill “her” glass up. She gets what she wants, of course…

  2. What a little furry turkey that cat is. I hope you’ve told him so.

  3. Mairi Says:

    I have the same problem with cats & water, and my copy of Meg Swanson’s ‘A Gathering of Lace’ met the same fate. The solution, surprisingly, is an ordinary facial tissue (Kleenex) over the top of the glass, held in place with a rubber band. You would think that any cat worth his salt could figure out how to get past a tissue, but mine don’t. It has been years, and neither of them has ever tried to breach the tissue barrier.

  4. susan entmacher Says:

    My glass of water by the bed has long since turned into a closed bottle of water by the bed.

  5. Michèle Says:

    It was wonderful to meet you and your family today, including the very handsome Mr. Cuddles. Sorry to hear that he’s been a little naughty though!

  6. I now take bottled water to my bedside table for the same reason. I also use this Unger cartoon on my desktop because it involves the same situation. Check this out: http://www.care2.com/c2c/photos/view/238/583185172/Silliness/Wake%20up%20the%20cat%20has%20your%20teeth_001.jpg.html

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