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Tidying Raccoons July 13, 2011

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Meamwhile, life outside the house has been just as much fun. We’ve have a bit of a raccoon problem here, if bit can be used for such a sizable animal. They recently ate all the flower heads off my portulacas and gazanias, mmm- delicious (but at least they didn’t dig them up)!
However, their worst ever atrocity in my mind, was the raid on the nest of the chickadee we had christened McAdam. We watched the little chickadee couple all  summer long diligently building their nest in one of my hanging baskets. Then there were eggs! We were anxiously awaiting results. Then came the raccon raid, and carnage ensued.

Midnight vistor - a raccoon raider

So, we’ve resorted to live-trapping them; luring them in with smooth peanut butter. We then take them on an all-expenses paid, open-ended holiday to a nearby seaside wilderness area.
Imagine our surprise to hear the trap go off this morning (at an hour to early to mention) and then finding our dear cat, looking rather sheepish, shut in the trap! Thankfully, he is none the worse for his experience, apart from being a little sticky with the peanut butter. Poor old pussy-cat!


9 Responses to “Tidying Raccoons”

  1. NerdGirl Says:

    I can just see the expression on your cat’s face! Poor kitty. I bet he doesn’t even get a vacation to a lovely holiday to the seaside to make up for the trauma. 🙂

  2. Cheryl Waters Says:

    Oh, I needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks!

  3. GeekKnitter Says:

    What, no pictures of the sheepish cat?

  4. Abby Says:

    Aw, poor kitty. Love your story though–thanks for the laugh.

  5. Julia H Says:

    Oh, poor puss! The embarrassment!

  6. Poor Mr. Cuddles! 😦

  7. He was definitely very embarrassed – and I felt awful!

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