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Amateur Bloggist at work! July 28, 2011

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Apologies! It’s very early in the morning here in Portland, the 4 hour time change sees me up and awake at 0500 (that is 0900 at home) and I thought I’d check my Arrival at Sock Summit post. It had vanished. So I started to fiddle around behind the scenes to look for it – and to my horror found a pile of delightful replies to past posts that apparently required approval before they appeared on the blog.

Please forgive my oversight and thank you for your feedback. I’ve written my blogs for the last year and emailed them to Dawne for posting and prettifying and thus haven’t been dealing with the behind-the-scenes bits myself. Dawne has recently returned to the world of learning and I announced that I’d be a big girl and handle the blog solo. I’m a bit puzzled as to why some comments appear without needing my approval yet others have been languishing in limbo but rest assured that I’ll check this in future.

I’m still a bit rusty as to how best to add pics, my method is a bit cumbersome. Can you extract them directly from I-photo? I currently drag them to the desk top from I-photo and then upload them?

Please bear with me – it’s another learning curve. I just don’t know how Stephanie does it all. Teachers dinner last night was great fun, talk about a who’s who of knitting!

Let the Sock Summit 11 fun  begin…



7 Responses to “Amateur Bloggist at work!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    If someone has previously commented on your blog and you have allowed the comment then their comments will appear without needing approval.
    Hope you have a wonderful time at Sock Summit!

  2. rebkatz Says:

    It could be that the blog is set up to require moderation of comments *the first time an individual does so*–I accidentally set my blog up that way, and it would explain why some comments post automagically and others don’t. You’ll get used to it… 🙂

  3. Angeluna Says:

    Of course you can add photos directly from I-photo. I would suggest that you choose all of the photos you will want first and “Flag” them all. Since I don’t use WordPress.com, I don’t know the process on that end, but you should be able to choose “upload from I-photo”, then there should be a subcategory “flagged photos”. Just remember to “un-flag” the photos when you get through or you shortly end up with a box full of flagged photos.

    Have fun in Portland.

  4. Often, once you have approved a response from someone, all their future comments are approved. It all depends, of course it does!
    I hope you are enjoying my home town, and I hope I get to meet you!

  5. Lucy,

    I too have found uploading photos from iPhoto difficult. I have over 15,000 photos, and although I know which event I am looking for I have difficulty finding them through that search function. I drag the photos I want to my desktop and grab them from there. Would be interested to know if you find a better way.

    Have fun at Sock Summit!

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