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Sock Summit 2011 – July 28, 2011

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I’m here in Portland OR and the first person I ran into was Cat Bordhi wearing my shoes – the shoes had a joyous reunion in PDX airport. We then proceeded to sit, knit and plan Cat’s visit to Knit East and Nova Scotia, Canada in Oct, as Cat awaited the arrival of Clara Parkes (yes I’m shamelessly name dropping here).

Off the the MTR light rail for me – it’s very easy. By the time I’d bought my ticket there were a gang of merry sockistas gathered and we had a congenial journey into town. Again the sock team have outdone themselves in their amazing attention to detail, teachers packages waiting at check in with all the info we could need along with warm greetings.

Taking a stroll around here is pretty fun, with greetings ringing in the air, meeting up with folks from all over. Thankfully they are all very understanding that after 8 hours of flying, 4 hours of jet lag that I might not immediately be able to place them! With a little information, such as where we last met, I’m remembering pretty well. I’m trying to stay upright for the teachers dinner tonight right now and then it all begins in the morning. It’s a real treat A) to be fed and B) more importantly to get to meet the other members of the teaching team (this doesn’t happen very often).

Better dash – don’t miss the market even if you aren’t registered for classes, the sock team have laid on loads of free fun events.


2 Responses to “Sock Summit 2011 –”

  1. Abby Says:

    Thank you, Lucy! So good of you to take the time to let us experience the event through your eyes. Those of us unable to attend depend on the attendees for a glimpse of the fun. And very funny that you think mentioning Clara Parkes and Cat Bordhi is name dropping–all of you are equally famous my dear so it sounds to me as though you’re just meeting up with your friends.

  2. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I so wanted to be there, but the courts decided I needed to be elsewhere only to cancel late Tuesday. I’m so upset. I hope all have a great time!

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