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Sock Summit continues July 30, 2011

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Success! I did manage to get my photos directly from I photo rather than dragging them to the desktop – that saved a number of steps. There are some advantages to this mega early morning waking, although I really would like a bit more sleep! Another day of delightful students.

I’ve finally given in to the urge to knit socks again and purchased two skeins of lovely yarn, one from Ms. Gusset http://gusset.net and the other from indigodragonfly.ca and the necessary needles. I’m going to test out the carbon fiber Blackthorn needles and the Signature circs for these.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being here for me has been meeting lots of my DVD customers, many of whom have come up an introduced themselves and told me how much they have enjoyed them and what a difference they have made to their knitting skills. The discs seem to be coming of age, they have been out long enough to have gained a solid word-of-mouth reputation and are now reaching many new customers.

Must stop writing now and pack. I’m teaching (Double-knitting for Socks) until noon and then dashing straight off to PDX for my afternoon flight up to the Yukon which calls for serious organization of my gear. It gives me a thrill, just to type ‘up to the Yukon’, there is something magical about the north! I’m looking forward to meeting up with my Adventure Knitting gang in Whitehorse tomorrow. http://www.lucyneatby.com/index.php?dox_page=adventure

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions


7 Responses to “Sock Summit continues”

  1. Jude tarrant Says:

    Loved seeing you here this year—-perhaps Adventure Knitting for me next year!!

  2. Angeluna Says:

    Glad you figured out the Iphoto uploads. I would so join in with anyone who comments on how wonderful your DVDs are. Own most of them and they are really brilliant!

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and news about Sock Summit. I couldn’t attend this time, but I’m saving my $$ for next time. Have a wonderful time in the Yukon, I’m looking forward to some fantastic pictures of Whitehorse.

  4. Carol Says:

    So glad your DVDs are gaining traction. My knitting skills have gone to a whole new level since I started buying them. Especially love the Intarsia Untangled set. Hope there is an Adventure Knitting trip in my future.

  5. Michèle Says:

    Ditto on what Angeluna said, your DVDs are brilliant and so helpful! Have fun in the Yukon!

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