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Arrived in The Yukon July 31, 2011

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Arrived in Whitehorse mid-evening, it’s as delightfully odd as ever. You fly in over huge areas of rugged wilderness and glacier carved valleys and arrive at a tiny airport, surrounded by random box shaped buildings and business premises. Little famous architecture here! The tiny town has a simple grid layout with wide streets and distinct feel of it’s earlier frontier life.
Communications from me are going to be few and far between, zero cell phone service here from Rogers and the hotel internet seems to be strong but so insecure that my computer just won’t allow me to connect no matter how I grovel. I’ll look for an internet cafe in the morning. It’s 2235 right now (well past my bed time) and it’s only just beginning to become twilight. At home the sun is set by 2045 these nights. I walked a few blocks to a corner store to buy milk for tea making – wouldn’t do that at 22.00 if it weren’t daylight still!
I bumped into one of my Adventure Knitters last night as we got off the plane and we arrived just in time to catch ‘last burgers’ together at the bar. My room overlooks the brim full Yukon River which is moving at a great pace and I note that this hotel offers complimentary use of their fish freezer for your boxed fish!
Time to explore. It’s a beautiful sunny morning but cool. Shorts are just ok if the rest of you is well dressed and you keep moving. Just seen a whole mini-bus load of guys leaving the hotel, all wearing camo everywhere, even the backpacks and gun covers. (I bet they have camo underwear too, but I’m not about to ask.) Evidently they are off to kill something fluffy further out of town.
I’ve walked all around town and not a cafe is open! I was forgetting it’s Sunday – even Starbucks here doesn’t open until 0900. Back to my room to cast on some socks – Sock Summit is having it’s revenge on me. Will add pics once I have solved my electronic issues!


3 Responses to “Arrived in The Yukon”

  1. Louise Whitehead Says:

    Glad you made it. Watched the youtube video of the flash mob, were you there? It looked hilarious.

  2. louise Says:

    I am glad you arrived safe and sound. Have a great time!

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