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Adventure Knitting in the Yukon begins.. August 1, 2011

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Spent the day making final preparations and restaurant choices around Whitehorse for the various dinner-out nights. Our gallant flock is slowly gathering in from around the continent, hopefully their various errant suitcases will turn up tomorrow. We held a delightful opening gathering with lots of locally grown edibles, hosted at the nearby McBride Museum of Yukon Life, a fascinating museum. The settlers were a stalwart bunch.
I also took the opportunity of a guided tour around the S.S. Klondike, the one remaining, shallow draft paddle-wheeler, now preserved high and dry next the fast-flowing Yukon River at the edge of town. It ran between Whitehorse and Dawson City from the 1930 -50s. A second class passage (which makes current airline conditions look luxurious) would have cost you $25 downstream to Dawson and $40 upstream to return.
It was used to transport all the heavy goods and stores in to Dawson before ice up in October and to bring the bags of ore out. Whitehorse’s history is very recent and real.


4 Responses to “Adventure Knitting in the Yukon begins..”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    This sounds like quite a fun adventure. I look forward to your blogs and your pictures. Is this something you do every year? Is this a private group or can anyone join the adventure?

    • We do this every two years – usually in the fall. The next venue will be announced fairly shortly. We move the venue around and pick interesting places (hence the adventure) mainly in Canada . It is open to all knitters and their companions are welcome too – we’d love to you to join us.
      If you’d like to hear about it as soon as info become available please email us at http://www.lucyneatby.com and we’ll put you on the info list.

  2. mk Says:

    Hi Lucy! So glad to see you at Sock Summit. As I told you then, my goal is to come to at least one of your knitting adventures. Y’all have fun!

  3. JoLynn Says:

    Lucy, Great to see you at sock summit. if I had planned ahead, i could have flashed-mob-d with pink yarn for you. it was fun, there are u-tube videos of the flash mob. i especially like the one with Anna Z, standing in the shade of the trees, singing along. Thanks for the great classes, too. JoLynn

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