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Fish quilt – now ready for the cat! August 22, 2011

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As part of my campaign of completions (prior to the imminent destruction of the kitchen and, apparently, my life as I know it),  I’ve just put the finishing touches on another quilt.
This particular quilt is a “journey opus” in many ways: it first reared its little head in Alaska on a Craft Cruises inside passage cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver, BC. I naturally trawled the quilt/yarn stores in each port, and in Haines I was quite smitten by the pattern for what has become the feature inner rectangle: it’s from a quilt pattern designed by Carolee Pollock of Wasilla, AK (Snow Angel Publishing. I couldn’t find a specific website of her designs, sorry!). At this time I had made only one quilt, and had no appliqué experience whatsoever. So I cleverly thought I’d give this pattern a try using a double-sided fusible layer to glue the bits together (in place of actual appliqué). I arrived home last summer and proceeded to assemble the inner panel. I wasn’t totally wowed; it looked pretty enough, but simply ironing the bits on felt like cheating. Moreover, what exactly was I going to do with this little panel? It languished in a pile of fabric until early this year. (I have trying to take a hard line on unfinished quilts, and so was determined to make something of it eventually.)
Having, in the meantime, taken aboard some of Gwen Marston’s ideas, I decided to return to the mini-quilt and use it as a central theme panel. Ideas came: there are several rogue fish that have escaped into the borders to tie it all together. Having thus come to life, the quilt proceeded to grow and grow with considerable vigor.

Concluding that I couldn’t live with the starkly naked edges of the appliqué, I gradually blanket-stitched my way around all of them. I’ve used a mixture of machine and hand quilting to hold the quilt together. I’ve discovered that I really like pairs of lines when stitching, rather than a single row of stitches and used these for the swirling currents.  My first few sewn stars (to secure the sky) I removed in favor of the embroidery style stars instead. Fish eyes were added with nail polish (one must have as much fun as possible)!

A deadline has now been established for the installation of the kitchen, so the grand dismantling (shudder) will begin any day now….


5 Responses to “Fish quilt – now ready for the cat!”

  1. forrestwife Says:

    Oh=lovely cool waters captured in this quilt

  2. Kris Says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Nadine Foster Says:

    I love the colors and the theme. What a wonderful fun project. Your cat is so lucky.

  4. mk Says:

    Beautiful quilt! I may do a little quilting someday…

    I just had the wallpaper stripped from the kitchen and then they applied a “cake frosting” texture before painting it (before Sock Summit). That was enough mess for me. This week, the same, minus the cake texture – just a plain texture – will commence in the master bath.

    I don’t have much patience for mess that I didn’t make in my house; so, it will be a test of my will not to commit painter murder this week. Wish me luck!

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