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Lion versus Illustrator…. August 31, 2011

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I’ve been working on a Mac with Adobe Illustrator and In Design for about three years now. It’s been a joyous experience (apart from the initial steep software learning curve).
Today I lost work in a crash. It’s the first time in years! It felt like a throwback to Windows. Why are things going in this direction?
Apparently, since the advent of the new operating system Lion, Apple and Adobe are not ‘playing nice’. I had heard rumors. Every time I try to print an .ai file, the program crashes; I’m just hoping I’m not going to make more nasty discoveries. (I’m now printing screenshots as rough guide whilst I write patterns.)

We’ve also had all kinds of issues trying to make the new website compatible with iPads: the lack of a Flash player makes it impossible for our visitors to watch the lovely DVD video clips all over the site. (I have heard that not allowing the free Flash Player download was a political decision by Mr. Jobs, rather than a performance or incompatibility decision.) It bothers me to have to ask our visitors to go and buy a video player if they wish to watch our clips. Unlike YouTube, we do not have the funds to convert all our Flash files into a video format Mr. Jobs approves of and allows onto his tablet. Is it just me, or is there a movement against supporting Adobe products on the Mac all of a sudden? Users of these products have been staunchest Apple supporters over the years.

Please chaps, get your acts together. Both are quality products that I’m willing to pay top dollar for, but I expect great performance in return!


6 Responses to “Lion versus Illustrator….”

  1. Karen Alfke Says:

    I had thought it was a ‘political’ decision as well, but then it was explained to me that the code for Flash isn’t compatible with touch-screens. Made me feel better about both companies. Good luck with the Lion and Adobe interplay – I usually drag my feet on upgrades (strangely resistant to OS changes).

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I’m so sorry who’ve had to experience a Windows like crash. I love my Apple products and bought them because of the frustrations due to Windows issues. My iPad2 is my new best friend, however I am frustrated by not being able to play flash videos. Perhaps with Mr. Jobs stepping down, there will be a re-consideration of the flash player. We can only hope. In the meanwhile, hang in there. I love your patterns and videos.

  3. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I knew there was a reason to hold off on Lion. I’m glad I haven’t upgraded yet. I use Adobe Acrobat and find there are certain files I have to convert to PDF on my PC rather than on my Mac. I think it silly that these companies want to be so proprietary. I think they end up hurting themselves and make loyal customers very frustrated.

  4. Jon Says:

    Lucy, I understand your frustration.

    The issues you seem to be having are related to a brand new operating system and a ‘relatively’ old piece of software. No operating environment is immune to these types of problems, but what makes Mac OS X so valuable is that said problems are very easily patched. I’m sure that with a near-future software update (either from Apple or Adobe), this crashing issue will be resolved.

    Then there’s the whole Flash player debacle. Adobe Flash became popularized around the turn of the century when computers were still trending towards faster, power hungry machines. Today, with the popularity of mobile devices, there is a balance stemming from performance and battery life. One only needs to look at Apple’s competitors (or rather, spend some time using their devices) to see that including Flash on a mobile device such as an ultra-thin tablet either results in poor battery life, or less than desirable performance.

    A solution to your video playback issue would be to revamp your website in HTML5. It’s an open standard, meaning there are no plug-ins required, and best of all, it plays great on all platforms without being a burden on the battery. Another option would be to hire someone to write a mobile app for you that could be ported to multiple platforms.

    Though I may seem Apple-biased, I work in an electronics shop and get to play with all sorts of different devices on a daily basis. My opinions are based on first hand experience. There is no feud between Adobe and Apple other than what the media has spun, otherwise Flash player would likely no longer be supported on the Mac, either.


    • Thanks so much for your detailed explanation. Things always make more sense when the reasoning behind a decision is made clear. I have passed your website suggestion on to my webmistress. I’m delighted to hear that Adobe/Apple/Lion is more a question of teething problems rather than the start of a downhill slide. I have always been impressed that Apple updates are ongoing and the products constantly evolve and improve, often at no additional charge to the user.

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