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A Perfect Storm of Chaos September 9, 2011

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Despite my best intentions to write and post regularly, life constantly interjects challenges. After a long time, and much deliberation, (and a complete office renovation as a by-product) the deed has been done: the new kitchen has been ordered. On the heels of the girls heading back to their respective schools and the last items being stored or placed back in the office, the die was cast. This has immediately put us on a countdown to kitchen preparedness. Meaning: we should have started yesterday at least.

It’s a question of working backwards. Cupboards must go in before counter-tops. Floors must go in before cupboards. Before floors can go in, plumbing and electrics must be revamped, and cupboards must be emptied and appliances removed. And where exactly, on this ground floor, are they going to go in the meantime? At what point should the ceiling be painted? This kind of logistics is just not my forte!

So, I’ve begun somewhere. Not sure if it is the right point, but the riotous wall paper is now gone. I’m emptying and weeding cupboards into a series of boxes (that I hope to be able to find again, should I need something). I’ve packed as many boxes again of long-term inaccessible items and put them out of the way. Sorry folks, I will not be hosting a formal dinner party for quite a while! Come to think of it, we haven’t had one in the last fifteen years (the office is in the dining room) – don’t think I’m about to start now.  I am madly trying to cook bulk quantities of food for future frozen meals, and take care of the catering for an earlier-planned camping trip coming up soon …

I’m also trying to savor the slight diminution of foot traffic around here, and get back to my ‘real’ work. I really want to write a book, but will have to content myself with incremental progress on patterns and preparation for future workshops. Today I’m going to try to work early and continue until lunch time, after which I will go into demolition mode! It is all very unsettling (even good change is stressful!), wish me luck.  PS It’s already 3pm had better stop now.


15 Responses to “A Perfect Storm of Chaos”

  1. s.e. Says:

    what book is it that you want to write?

    • It’s one on double-knitting, I’m so totally hooked on it. it will be different in it’s approach to Alasdair Post-Quinn’s truly excellent forthcoming book “Extreme Double-Knitting”
      Cat Bordhi is coming to visit this chaos and Tancook Island with me after Knit East and I know she has piles of wonderful advice on e books. I just feel I have to hang fire and put all my energies into stripping the floor and this fall’s teaching commitments.

  2. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I’m so glad you have planned this rather than to come home to a husband and boys tearing out cabinets and walls with no plans at all! Going without a sink for 6 months is not a fun adventure even with paper plates and plasticware!

  3. Kris Says:

    As a veteran of entirely too many moves, and several kitchen remodels, paint the ceiling–with SEMIGLOSS white–now. The semigloss bounces the light around beautifully in the midst of those winter days, making it possible to get to the coffee pot before crawling back under the covers. You’re doing exactly right to empty and sort the cabinets–hurray for you! From there, just think “ground up” or “cast on edge up” and you’ll be fine, and enjoying your new kitchen in no time!

  4. Maureen Says:

    We just completed a complete kitchen reno – wow – it is wonderful to have it done.
    Remember- your slow cooker (I made meatloaf in it once – and very good it was,too.), microwave and bar-b-que are your friends. My one respite was knitting totally mindless items. It was the constant that I could rely on.
    Know that there will be more dust than you can imagine – get lots of plastic drop cloths and cover everything you can.
    It is all worth it.

  5. Angeluna Says:

    Your cat has the right idea. Out of the way but can still supervise. This will feel so good once it’s done.

  6. christinelaennec Says:

    I wish you lots of luck. I think your disciplined creativity will stand you in good stead through all this. And it will be worth it in the end! I’ve learned so much from your book, I hope you do write another one, when the time is right.

  7. mk Says:

    Wishing you luck…All I did was have the wallpaper stripped from the kitchen walls and then had them retextured and painted…

    That was ordeal enough for me – I don’t deal well with messes made by somebody else.

  8. Julia H Says:

    I still remember our kitchen reno. Gee, was it only 5 years ago…?? Lesson learned in that one was that a garden hose makes a marvellous rinser for the dishes – just put the cleaned dishes in the drainer, put it on the lawn, turn on the spigot, and away you go! I actually have a picture of DH doing this.

    Good luck, and it will all be worth it in the end! (she says, having just finished renovating the one and only bathroom in the house…)

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