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The Princess Chair September 16, 2011

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We are just back from a quick back-country camping trip with friends (organized before the kitchen was scheduled). I love back-country camping (apart from the before and after bits) and I do admit it is luxury backcountry at Kejimkujik; there is an out-house, a fire-pit, bear poles, two tent pads, firewood and  a picnic table at every site. Pretty luxurious really.  http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/ns/kejimkujik/index.aspx
I’m comfortable sleeping on the ground with an egg-shell folding mat, a down-filled bag and my beloved mini down pillow. I sleep like the dead there, unless I’m getting wet.

Portaging a canoe - the comparatively easy way

The one thing that really gets to me after a few days is what to sit on. The shore or beach is fine for a while and better yet if you can prop yourself against an upturned canoe. There is the picnic table option too (especially if damp conditions prevail), however these all leave me feeling rather internally crumpled if assumed for more than an hour and are not optimal for knitting.
On this trip our friends tried out an interesting lightweight sitting arrangement- about the size of a pair of sneakers and weighing in at 550g!
It unfolds like tent frame and teeters on two legs (you provide the other two). I rather liked it and found that I spent far longer sitting tight in it than on a normal chair because of the challenge of getting in or out of it! It wasn’t difficult exactly but had to be considered carefully and once seated, do not make sudden movements such as to swat a mosquito!
The net result was that as someone normally more like a jack-in-the-box, in and out of a chair, I tried to plan to have my book, knitting, tea/wine, glasses, food within easy reach!  After that I began to make requests “Could you pass me the …..” and hence I’ve christened it the Princess chair! Everyone should have one.
No more posing, it’s back to the demolition of the kitchen for me!

The Princess chair in action - double-knitting in progress

Interestingly that in finding the web link for the chair, that it is officially called the Monarch chair – I think it is related to the butterfly logo on the back – or perhaps they felt regal too.


The aftermath


2 Responses to “The Princess Chair”

  1. Lorilee Says:

    Let’s do a canoe/camping knitting tour. In Algonquin! September 2012. What do you say?

    There must be lots of knitters who like roughing it in the woods.

    Looks like you had a lovely getaway.

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