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Cool Socks goes digital – special offer September 26, 2011

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In amongst the bed-sit existence that I am currently enjoying (the kitchen table, fridge and stove in the family room), awaiting the new kitchen, we are also trying to launch with a little fanfare the new digitized version of my Cool Socks Warm Feet book.

This sock book has been in print for 8 years now and has become a perennial favourite with many sock knitters and as part of our digital makeover we have just recently converted it to .pdf format.

As a thank you to those that already own the paper book (or those who would like both) we are having a special pre-release offer until Thurs 29th September. Check out http://www.lucyneatby.com/extras/newsletters/SY41.html for details.

This kitchen thing (not my idea incidentally) has been going on for ages. It lead directly to the revamp of the Tradewinds office – not without it’s traumas. We’d just about recovered from that and got things back in place, when the kitchen was finalized and the real chaos began. Miraculously thus far I’ve been able to be here for all the prep work, the electrician, the flooring and just before I head out to Knit East http://www.kniteast.com/ the cabinets should arrive (fingers crossed). With luck I should be able to start moving things back into the kitchen after KE and before Thanksgiving. This coincides with having a houseful of visitors to celebrate my first Thanksgiving at home in many years.

The burning question is whether we will have counter tops by then???


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