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Knit East and Travels with Cat October 16, 2011

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This has been quite the couple of weeks. Our marvelous kitchen fitter has been quietly beavering away for three days in a row to finish the installation of the new kitchen cabinets. We were able to be measured for the counter-tops and sink after a day and a half. The sink and counter-top are on an estimated 10 day delivery after measuring and Thanksgiving and visitors (both family and Cat Bordhi) are less days away than that. After that weekend, none of us would be around for the installation, so it is fairly critical timing!
Then it was time for departure to Knit East and life became a whirlwind.
A week or more later and I’m still standing (not sleeping a lot) but keeping going. The journey to KE was surprisingly sunny and I rendezvoused with a friend in Moncton to complete the journey – both green, fun and helps to pass the time and keep me awake, I really have trouble staying awake at the wheel in the early afternoon. I’m so glad that mostly I fly to events (although it is far from pleasant these days) I’m happy not to take responsibility for the machinery, navigation and staying awake. Interestingly as a knitting passenger I feel no sleepiness at all.
Having arrived at in St. Andrews by the Sea, NB, http://www.townofstandrews.ca/
I took the chance to walk along the waterfront and high street. Very quaint, charming and scenic and this was likely the last moment available to view it.
I’m always amazed at these events, there seems never to be a quiet moment from start to finish, but then again that is not what I am there for!
This was a daring first big event for Donna of Cricket Cove (a beautiful shop in Black’s Harbour, St. Johns, and Moncton). https://www.cricketcove.com/store/
and the event was a delight. Can you imagine how scary it is to commit to book a huge slab of such a pricey hotel? She had an impressive slate of tutors, guests and vendors and all apart from the weather was picture perfect. The weather was no match for the determined knitters though, armed with umbrellas they stormed the market and made the sun shine.
Fleece Artist and Handmaiden made a rare out-of-province appearance, along with Cabin Fever and many other wonderful vendors who were heartily supported. I regrettably only managed to get to the market once, but I know that my crew, Susan and Diane were kept more than busy. The weekend’s classes were delightful, enthusiastic students from all points of the compass.

Cat Bordhi and I had been in touch beforehand and she was due to teach at Gaspereau Valley Fibers on the Thursday of the following week and so we had planned that she should visit Tancook Island with me for the couple of days following Knit East. Here began our saga of not properly observing the weather forecast. We had planned to depart St. Andrews as efficiently as possible after class and head for Dartmouth if we could make it, around about a 5 or 6 hour drive. We had made provision for an overnight stop in Moncton if conditions or driver or weather should warrant. I looked at the forecast and saw that it might well rain on the drive home. What I didn’t fully take in was that this rain was actually the skirts, petticoats and underwear of hurricane/tropical storm Ophelia, hastening on her way to Newfoundland. At Moncton all was well, wet but not yet dark and nothing other than tiresome. As we left Moncton behind the rain began to intensify. Dark fell, fog gathered. There was so much water on the road that I slowed down considerably to avoid hydroplaning, but this left us at the mercy of the big trucks and lorries. I drive a Mini but there were times when it felt more like piloting a submarine as each of the bigger taller vehicles overtook us.
At Truro (usually about an hour from home) we groped our way off the highway, moored at a Tim Horton’s and waded our way ashore for chicken noodle soup and a good stretch. Refreshed and encouraged we re-embarked for the final leg of the voyage.
It was with much relief that we docked in Dartmouth.
The following morning we headed out bright and early in order to catch the 10.20am ferry to Tancook, one has to allow time for Halifax traffic and to load ones goods into the cargo box. Cat had sorted her luggage and left her teaching supplies on her bed. I had a brief moment to observe the further progress of the kitchen, my DH had been left with a can of paint for the ceiling – he was rather surprised that it was not at all white and left me in no doubt that it was quite blue (and looks lovely BTW). His description of the colour will probably never be published on a shade card.

I’m going to take a break here – whilst internet and time in Toronto’s Pearson airport permits before continuing the saga. This is meant to be a blog not a book!


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