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Marooned on Big Tancook Island October 19, 2011

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Cat Bordhi and  I awoke, alive and dry (after our journey from New Brunswick) and joyously headed off to the ferry. Once again failing to take in the big picture of the weather forecast. The ferry is pretty rugged and sails in all but the very worst weather and certain wind directions, so we were not concerned, but we did have to reverse commute from the island to my home/studio on the following day. The universal law of contrariness had dictated than during our planned Mon to Weds stay on the island, Melissa Gower-Pence’s Craft Cruise group                                  http://www.craftcruises.com/craftcruises_brand.php?brand=Knitting%20Cruises&cruise_past=false
would be calling in to visit on the Tuesday! But we could make the best for all concerned and be there to greet the traveling knitters including their tutors Joan Schrouder and Donna Druchunas. I had warned Melissa that the welcome would be warm but the house would be in a more than usual state of disarray: at this time we had cabinets, a kitchen floor covered in paper, unevenly aligned with the bare floors on either side but no sink or countertops! Susan, Diane, Stephanie excelled themselves before Cat and had arrived and had everything ready for our visitors despite the challenges.

Duly cautioned our visitors preceded to have an apparently excellent time exploring, chatting and shopping from our yarn-ucopia. They also got to visit, Fleece Artist, Hand Maiden, LK Yarns and the Loop during the day, Halifax is a veritable knitting Mecca these days!
After the second bus departed (I do sometimes wonder what my neighbours think of me having a tour bus parked outside on a suburban street) we all took a deep breath and rustled up a cup of tea before Cat and I hightailed it off to Tancook. (Remember the missed forecast.) We arrived in Chester and met up with another wonderful knitting friend who was also coming for the night (and bringing dinner) and all happily boarded the ferry in the now torrential rain.
There we say, happy as knitters with needles and a brimming stash, safely on board of the last sailing of the day as it departed Chester homeward bound. Along came Scott to take our fare. “Hope you are not planning on leaving on the morning ferry tomorrow?  I don’t think we’ll be sailing.”

We looked at one another and determined that wouldn’t worry us as we weren’t planning on sailing until the 1330 boat and surely the storm would have blown out by then? No one seemed keen to swim back to the dock. Onwards we went.

We arrived at the dock found a friend’s car awaiting us at the gangway and we arrived at the cottage not entirely drenched and proceeded to settle in like contented felines in front of the fire. A jolly evening ensued as the wind howled and the temperature dropped. I woke periodically in the night, it certainly was blowing.

The next morning we began to consider our situation, we really needed to be on the 1330 ferry. Our friend had a flight that night. My sister and brother in law were due to arrive from the UK in the mid afternoon and Cat had to be in the Annapolis Valley for class the next morning. At 1130 we gave up speculating and rang the ferry to be emphatically told that there would be no sailings this day. Ummm.

So here we swung into action armed with my iphone we set about reorganizing our lives. Number one was a new flight – rather critical as Canadian Thanksgiving (and a 30 lb turkey) were looming. We managed to get the last seat on a plane the following day. Now to rearrange Cat, if we could get her ride (our wonderful Diane) to pick up her samples in Dartmouth and then Cat from Chester early the following morning, she could still make class in time. I called on my good friend to not only pick up my sister, but also to feed them and let them into the house as my husband was also delayed in Montreal!
Hello and welcome. Thus rearranged we set out to make the best of things and went to watch the waves. It was howling. If the 0600 ferry ran all would be well.
We assembled dinner from assorted scraps (there being no store on the island) and hunkered down with our knitting. Cat looked pretty content and our friend was remarkably philosophical at having missed her flight. I couldn’t wish to be marooned with finer friends.
All was well and cozy until we looked at the forecast for the following day, there seemed to be no change in the wind strength for another 24 hours. With fingers crossed we went early to bed and hoped for the best.
We rose in the dark and made our way to the ferry, the wind was still howling in the wires but in a slightly different direction which thankfully allowed the ferry to sail! Never have I been glad to leave the island before!
We had arranged to meet up at another friend’s house in Chester for breakfast before we all went on our merry ways. Hawthorne Cottage does a wonderful breakfast! http://www.hawthorncottagechester.ca/

Thus fortified and feeling lucky we reembarked on our respective lives!


4 Responses to “Marooned on Big Tancook Island”

  1. It’s really hard to argue with Mother Nature. Glad you had enough food and yarn! And what superb company.

  2. It was really fun but I did feel a bit guilty…

  3. Barbie O. in Montreal Says:

    Oh darlin’ no need for guilt about circumstances beyond your control…when you can harness Mother Nature to do your bidding, let me in on the secret because then we could rule the world! And what would life be like without a little risk and adventure, eh? Still tempted by the lobster boat evacuation plan…..next time!

    Cheers, B

  4. […] implied uncertain ferry service back to the mainland, and I could not take the chance of being marooned on the Island for an extra day. Getting to the airport a day late for my flight to the next teaching venue was […]

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