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Good intentions! November 10, 2011

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Despite my best intentions, I never quite got around to blogging on this last trip, sorry! It was an excellent trip, exemplified by enthusiastic, skilled knitters, great hosts, beautiful stores and fun classes and, incredibly (to those who have followed my travel travails), excellent travel, but it is all-consuming for me.
I really enjoyed having good free wireless internet access for work and for communication with my scattered family: it makes a huge difference to me to be able to keep up with their news.
Paid internet and roaming charges in the US are very expensive.
Is it just me, or do any of you also find it impossible to fully understand your cell-phone plans?
During the coming trip I am actually planning to drop in on both of my daughters, as they live within reasonable distances from both Shall We Knit in Waterloo http://www.shallweknit.com/ and Janey H Knits in Perth. http://www.janiehknits.com/
I’ve opted not to spend the pre-workshop nights with them, as too much student-living might just be more than I can handle!


2 Responses to “Good intentions!”

  1. Diane Griffith Says:

    No understanding of the cell phone plan. There are charges on there I cannot even comprehend. Also, often not understanding the cell phone itself !

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