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No Wool for Them… November 22, 2011

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I’m on the train between Waterloo and Toronto today. I’ve had a good trip thus far despite a damp and bumpy start from Halifax. We were experiencing yet another excessively wet, windy and wild day on my day of departure and the departure board for Halifax airport was depressing reading: many flights cancelled or delayed for long periods. But Porter Air still seemed to be running all its flights. The plane was a little late landing from St. John’s, Newfoundland, but still intent on departing for Ottawa. As we boarded the plane, I was (wisely) advised not to gate check my bag on account of the torrential rain. As we sat on the plane it lurched and bucked aroundin the wind, this while we were still at the gate! Taxiing was exciting: this became one of the few takeoffs where I have concentrated all my mental efforts into levitating the plane myself. We made it. It was quite a relief (and took quite a while) to get up above the weather. Later on the flight, my neighbor recovered the power of speech lost during the previous landing (along with her lunch) and regaled me with a full description of the landing. She was a Newfoundlander and not feint of heart. I obviously had it easy in just taking off in those conditions!

The Porter staff and service were excellent, making it almost a pleasure to fly.
After a brief stop in Ottawa, we arrived at Toronto City Center airport, a first for me. This little airport is served by a ferry! After landing and picking up bags (which were utterly sodden inside and out, the gate check advice was very pertinent) you await the ferry and take the 5 minute trip to the mainland. Not sure why they don’t build a bridge – it’s such a short a ride that you could probably use popsicle sticks.

I was then whisked away to the Purple Purl http://thepurplepurl.com/ where I was plied with tea and sandwiches prior to a Yarn Tasting with Amy Singer of Knitty fame. It was wonderful to see a store full of knitters at 10pm! Whilst at the PP, I happened to see Amy gingerly handling a skein of yarn by the label. I immediately recognized this action as being one belonging to a seriously wool-allergic knitter (having just spent educational time with another afflicted soul). Deep down I knew that Amy suffered this way – hence her book No Sheep For You book, but had forgotten. It is not until you witness the handling of yarn by its label that you appreciate the enormity of the situation. Surrounded by glorious colours and fibers that you must not touch, it must be so very hard! Add into this the dearth of fun things that have no wool, particularly the lack of long colour gradation yarn, and they must feel like very second class citizens of the knitting universe. Any suggestions of non-sheep wool colourful yarns would be welcomed BTW.

Apparently one of the delights in life for the non-wool knitter is yarn called Calmer by Rowan, which is about to be discontinued. A petition has been started – so please consider the less fortunate knitters amongst us and sign up on their behalf and forward the campaign to anyone you feel might be affected by this decision.



3 Responses to “No Wool for Them…”

  1. Katia sun degradee is a beautiful 100% cotton yarn with gradual gradient colourchanges.

  2. s.e. Says:

    not sure what’s with the date on your blog post. It is definitely still the 21st:) I only used the island airport once, didn’t know that Porter flew to it.

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