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2000 + :>) December 21, 2011

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That’s it, knitters! The $50 prize has been awarded to a knitter in Toronto – we’ve cracked the 2000 ‘registered members’ mark. (Just why is 2000 a more magic number than 1999? Our brains work in strange ways.) Do, however, still join us: there are free patterns for basic socks, a quick DK bag (that could be knit before Sunday) and DK Holiday Ornaments to be had for every lucyneatby.com member!

To all the kind folks who have commented positively on the concept of ‘Lucy Certified’  teacher programs: thank you so much for taking time out of your busy holiday preparations to share your thoughts with me. I apologize for the delay in a personal response to each of you: I’ve just been suddenly overwhelmed by the season and the tide of arriving family members.
I will be mulling this all over with the wine!

Warm stitches to all!


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