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Part 1 The Catalyst January 11, 2012

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I’ve been in the grip of a new design for the last three weeks or so. It’s been all-consuming and fun. As you may possibly be aware, I’ve had (for many years) and continue to have this passionate thing going on with double-knitting. Since the Christmas invasion-of-the-relatives period found me without good knitting on my needles, something had to be done.
For me, design starts when ideas, yarn, time and need coincide. Ideas, yarn and time were now aligned. But ‘need’?

On my way back from the fabulous Tancook Island School concert (seven children performing plays and songs for 2 hours  –  delightful and heartwarming), I happened to have the opportunity to meet a new-mother-to-be on the ferry. Apparently Hillary had already approached her to ask if her ‘bump’ would be willing to model garments once he/she was hatched, so she was just letting me know that they would be delighted!
This, I thought, was pretty cool from a lady in labour who’d been up since 0300 waiting to leave an isolated island (with no medical facilities) by ferry (a journey that takes an hour).
I did hear one of the ferry crew remark to her: “Please don’t come back until there are two of you!”
They made it to Halifax just in time to deliver a little boy at the hospital.

This set me thinking: we do have a couple of baby garments that could do with photography, but perhaps I could knit a Domino Baby Bonnet as a gift. I immediately vetoed this idea, as, although this is a fun little pattern, it’s done. It’s over. The pattern is written. It’s been photographed on dear little Hannah. Finished.
Well, perhaps I could hatch a new one up using double knitting to make it extra warm (it’s very windy on the island) and use my Cat’s Pajamas yarn (which I adore) and is both washable and soft and most baby-appropriate. The idea was germinating. By the time I got back to Halifax, it had grown quite a bit.



PS Want quality education for your Primary to Grade 5 children? Relocate to Big Tancook Island now!


2 Responses to “Part 1 The Catalyst”

  1. lynne Says:

    Lovely! (and a precious model)
    I am in a baby knitting frenzy and will add it to my queue.

  2. Marie Says:

    What a tease you are! I want to hear more about this double-knit hat. I knit for Wool Aid which donates hats (and other knit items) to children in Northern Labrador (and other cold climes). This sounds like the perfect pattern for hats for these kids. (For anyone interested, there’s a group on Ravelry and a website at http://www.wool-aid.org–you‘ll be stunned at the quantity and quality of the donated items.)

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