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Behind the Scenes Preparations February 1, 2012

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Cargo box for the ferry

Cargo box for the ferry

The ferry taking the yarn to Tancook

The ferry taking the yarn to Tancook

Going from prototype hat (and pattern) to the production of the pattern and a knitting kit takes a bit of behind the scenes planning and sorting out of details. I have decided that in order to kit this pattern we are going need to order some natural Cat’s Pajamas yarn. This will then have to be washed and skeined. With Natural as one of the colours, you can use any of the other 15 colours of mottled solids you take a fancy to as a contrast. This would give you lots of colour options.

In order to make the kit affordable, we will need to break the skeins into two, so that a kit will consist of 2 x 50g balls Cat’s Pajamas and a pattern. This amount will easily make 3 small bonnets, or 2 of the largest; to break the skeins down any smaller really wouldn’t justify the labour. As it is, it will involve a fair amount of manual work and organization to maintain these kits on the shelf.

Cargo and yarn being unloaded on the island.

Cargo and yarn being unloaded on the island.

We’ll now need to calculate a price for the kit: it will need to cover yarn, pattern and labour costs. Then we must write up a description of both the pattern and the kit options, and start adding the information to the website so we are ready to roll one day.

Once the yarn is obtained and labelled, I will need to put aside 3 skeins ready to take to Tancook Island for Hillary to photograph on the beach – to keep them in style with the other yarn shots on the website. In addition I must pack the 3 finished bonnets so that Hillary can ambush the model babe as soon as he returns to the island from visiting his proud relatives.

The ferry pictures reveal the process of taking cargo to the island. First you drive to Chester. Put your luggage in the locker on the quay. Bob around for about an hour and then await the offloading of the box!

1108 Snowflake Baby Bonnet DK

A super model is born

Other bonnets are now on their way to little heads in the UK, BC and CA; hopefully we’ll see some pictures coming in from these. I really want to test the fit on several babies to fine-tune the sizes in the pattern.

Snowflake Baby Bonnet DK _ Pink side

The other side!

Snowflake Baby Bonnet DK _ Natural side

Snowflake Baby Bonnet DK _ Natural side


3 Responses to “Behind the Scenes Preparations”

  1. Irene Says:

    What a very, very fine hat, Lucy!

    Thank you so much, and I love finding out what goes into the making of a knit article, then the pattern for same, and THEN the kit! Wow! It is good for us to know the process.

    Look forward to the kit – it will be my first use of Cat’s Pajamas yarn.

    Irene (on Vancouver Island – understanding the trials and love of living on an island!)

    • When you actually write it down it makes me realize all the different aspects. No wonder I feel as if I’m spinning plates on sticks!

    • Marie Says:

      Totally seconded! It’s nice to see the nuts and bolts of pattern creation+writing. The turquoise/chocolate version in the later post makes me want one for myself… no one is too old for a cute bonnet!

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