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Feedback from Local Test Knitters February 9, 2012

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Snowflake Bonnet in progress

Snowflake Bonnet in progress in InDesign

Now that I’ve laid out the Bonnet pages in InDesign and cut and adjusted the diagrams and each of their frames, the pattern layout for the pdf is coming together. The number of pages keeps increasing, and I have to keep counting the diagrams, but it’s all starting to gel. (Of course I’ll have to adjust this some more when I eventually get some more pictures and the YouTube clips filmed.)

Proof copies have now been sent out to my gang of local testers – and they have been sending back results at a steady pace. There are always one (or five) gremlins, all leading to small changes and improvements in the pattern. I’m currently knitting my fifth bonnet, but since I only read what I THINK I wrote, I’m pretty useless as a test knitter. I am mainly working on further refining the snowflake motifs for the different sizes. Spidery designs such as these are harder to follow in DK than are dots, squares or geometric designs, so I’m trying to streamline them a little more to make knitting them easier.


When knitting something like this, or a complex intarsia design (such as my Rainbow Sheep), it can be helpful to use a major and minor grid of running yarn markers. To illustrate: perhaps mark between every 50th and 51st column with a blue yarn running up the fabric, and every group of 10 stitches in between with a pink yarn. Then mark your chart with matching coloured marker lines. It’s even better if you can manage a differently coloured marker for each and mark the chart accordingly and then there is no ambiguity about your position! (Watch Chart Preparation on my Intarsia Untangled 1 DVD sometime.)

Intarsia Untangled 1 DVD cover

Intarsia Untangled 1 DVD cover


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