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A Little Sunday Reading about Nova Scotia February 12, 2012

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String of Pearls DK Scarf

String of Pearls DK Scarf on Tancook dock

A taste of Nova Scotia. Take a look in particular at the lovely article

about Hillary Dionne and growing up on Big Tancook Island.

Fishtail Scarf stranded on the rocks!

Fishtail Scarf stranded on the rocks!


4 Responses to “A Little Sunday Reading about Nova Scotia”

  1. Mary G. in Texas Says:

    What a wonderful Sunday reading, Lucy! Thanks for posting the link. Hillary’s article is so well-written, and it entices me to take a trip up to Big Tancook Island. Those wishing stones are too beautiful to throw into the sea!

    The lovely photos also make me want to start knitting a String of Pearls Scarf…

    • Please do visit sometime. I am working on plans for a knit camp on Tancook this September – as you can see this will have its organizational challenges but I love to watch people’s faces as they step from the ferry!

  2. i haven’t traveled the world (but a chunk of it) and I have seen a good deal of North America (especially US)–but I count NS as one of the prettiest places on earth. Its a little cold for my liking–(even in the summer) but it sure is beautiful.
    Maine (and HUGE chunks of NE) are lovely–breathtaking– but NS tops them.
    (oh, yeah, i like your double knitting ideas, too!)

    • Thank you on behalf of NS! I think it’s pretty special – and we many distinct regions and different scenery types in a comparatively small province. Have to agree about the weather – it can be glorious but rarely above 80F.

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