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Feedback from the ‘Outside’ Testers February 14, 2012

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Snowflake DK Baby Bonnet

Snowflake DK Baby Bonnet being modeled in the UK

I’ve distilled all the comments from my local testers; now is the time time to send the pattern further afield . I put out a request on Twitter for the first five brave souls that would like to try the pattern and was rewarded with flurry of volunteers. (Slightly more than five.) Fortunately, many knitters have both inclination and reason to knit a baby bonnet, and happily it is a quick, if intense, knit.

Most test knitters dive in and don’t come up for air till they’re done, but there is always some attrition amongst the initial group. Even if one begins with the best of intentions, life has a way of putting a spanner in the works; I don’t fully expect everyone to finish knitting the pattern in a short time period. However, I can’t really keep the project hanging on until every last comment has come in. But, thanks to the advent of the editable digital pattern, the tweaking can go on until I’m dealing with punctuation or layout issues only. (Don’t get me wrong – punctuation really. is. critical.)

Now I stand by for the results!

Snowflake DK Baby Bonnet

Turquoise side out!

Snowflake DK Baby Bonnet

Bonnet Bitter Chocolate side out


2 Responses to “Feedback from the ‘Outside’ Testers”

  1. Kim Says:

    That bonnet makes me wish I was pregnant again. Or that someone at work was pregnant. It’s just gorgeous! And the models have been pretty cute, too.

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