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Lost Spun Yarners! March 12, 2012

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ImageIf you used to receive notification of your edition of Spun Yarn, my newsletter, via MailChimp: we may have lost you. We apologize. Our Mail Chimp list has been corrupted, and in order to avoid the possibility of spamming we have had to abandon this list. Please do sign up again! Just send off a note to to webmaster@lucyneatby.com and we’ll subscribe you. You can also sign up through the website: log in, go to My Notebook, click “Subscribe to Newsletter”.

If you are subscribed and receive your Spun Yarn notifications from spunyarn-owner@chebucto, your subscription is fine. No need to resubscribe.

For the fuller story, read on:
We’ve had some technological challenges lately. Masterful understatement. Much is being learned!
Our website has been the victim of being blacklisted. Our website has always had a shared IP address on the place that hosts our site. It means other businesses also had websites at that “house number”, i.e. the same IP address. Now, someone who was on this address had been spamming, and everyone on that particular IP address had their email service shut down: we were all “blacklisted”. It took two days for us to figure out what the problem was, as our webhost neglected to inform us of the blacklisting. We now know why we need our very own IP address!
Since we also need services not available from our current webhost, we have taken the momentous decision to move our site to new quarters. It will entail shutting lucyneatby.com down for a very short time while all the files and the database are moved to the new location (to ensure that no transactions or registrations are happening during the move). Moving a complex website is not something to be undertaken lightly, but the time has come.

We have also had some issues with our former Mail Chimp account. Someone here at the office accidentally made a typo (didn’t realize that it is safer to copy and paste web addresses) in the web link to the last newsletter, and several subscribers, in their desire to find the actual newsletter, clicked the Unsubscribe button by mistake. We know that most were in error, as we received entreating messages to help them rejoin.

But the upshot was that we had too many Unsubscribes, which triggered the “spam alarm”, and this brought the wrath of MailChimp down upon us. From the very strongly worded email they sent, I began to realize that we could be blacklisted in an instant, even for inadvertent errors,  and have our business completely shut down. My webmistress had been a cautionary voice in my ear for a while, and I finally twigged. One more error and we’d be toast. Not just Spunyarn, but all activity to our website and business.

I had thought to move our subscribers to a more sophisticated, pretty-looking distribution system, but didn’t fully realize the risks. We have now decided to consolidate all to our original simple, secure, hand-managed list at Chebucto, where we have total control. The plain old human brain is still superior to computers in some departments. We endeavored to reclaim our subscribers addresses from Mail Chimp, but they had become mixed up with non-subscribers, and in order to avoid any possibility of spamming, we have sadly decided to abandon this list for caution’s sake. This problem will affect most of our recent subscribers. Please pass this info on to your knitting friends.


2 Responses to “Lost Spun Yarners!”

  1. Paula Says:

    As a fellow typist I sympathise. Working for a wine writer I have been responsible for phrases such as unwooed chardonnay, brief sin contact, buggered by French oak and a suspect dork (unwooded chardonnay, brief skin contact, buffered by French oak and a suspect cork). I fully believe that typing causes dyslexia, and possibly an increased need for chardonnay. I have invented a word for such occasions (please fee free to use it whenever you need to): oopsidental.

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