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Lucky Rabbit Tiles are Underway March 26, 2012

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Spring is here and our kitchen reno is getting closer to completion.  Everything is installed and working nicely, but one of the most exciting bits is yet to come: the back-splash tiles. I’ve been dutifully restrained and conservative with all the major elements – I even struggled womanfully to resist the lime-green engineered stone countertops of indescribable beauty!

A touch of colour!

A touch of colour!

Essentially, if you were not me, you could repaint the blue ceiling, the lime and pink walls, and you’d have a perfectly normal, socially acceptable kitchen. But the point on which I could not be swayed towards normal was the back-splash.
It was my ideal opportunity to have some Lucky Rabbit tiles. I’ve been a fan of Deb and Ray’s work for years: some of my favourite tea mugs have been made by them. I give gifts made by them. I love their classic but not-even-slightly-conservative style, a little like Ming Dynasty married to Arts and Crafts Movement, then gone beautifully modern.
Thus I resolved to have nothing but Lucky Rabbit for my special tiles, and as many as my budget would permit.
I made enquiries.

Neutral pebbles

Neutral pebbles for back-splash.

Well, maybe I’d have to dilute my LR tiles to go a little further! So I came up with a sketch of how I could make my LR $$$ go further. Image
My plan is to surround the spectacularly bright LR tiles with something neutral. My mind turned to pebbles – such as those found in fancy shower rooms. The hunt ensued. The tiles themselves had to wait their turn at the pottery and are all now made and Deb is busy working her magic. Watch this spot.

PS Welcome back to all those who have resubscribed to Spun Yarn!

BTW: Knitting on the Wild Side is now officially full, but we will take a waiting list, just in case.


5 Responses to “Lucky Rabbit Tiles are Underway”

  1. emaclean Says:

    Lucky Rabbit Tiles would be fabulous! Love your kitchen and the colors! We redid ours a few years back. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. mk Says:

    I am not as adventurous with color as you are, but I can still appreciate and live vicariously through you…I am looking forward to seeing the finished product, but I definitely like what I see so far.

  3. I so enjoyed visiting the Lucky Rabbit in Annapolis Royal a few years back. Good for you–love the colours and the choice of tiles!

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