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Birdwatching in Denver April 25, 2012

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One of the little luxuries of being on the road is the occasional opportunity to be a tourist. We usually manage to organize my tours with very little down time, either flying or teaching every day. The time and the airports fly by. However this trip I had the chance to spend a little time in Denver with friends. Having a local guide makes all the difference.Image
This friend happens to be a birdwatcher and knew of the whereabouts of a Great Horned Owl nest in a local park and reckoned that we’d be able to get a good look at the babies. I was just enjoying being out and about on a sunny spring morning and the many and various birds were a bonus. The Meadowlark blew me away with his/her penetrating call.  Amazing what a difference a trained ear and good pair of binoculars makes!

The owls were home. High up in a tall tree, mum stationed outside of the nest and her two huge fluffy babies visible rather like football size balls of fluffy novelty yarn with space alien faces! We watched for a while but they seemed to be having a pretty leisurely morning of sunbathing. On our way back past the owls for a second time we met another photographer studying them.
(Based on this encounter my conclusion as to how the uninitiated should spot exciting birds, is to seek out men with large camera lenses and follow them. Although it may get you arrested!)

Photo by R. Martinez


3 Responses to “Birdwatching in Denver”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    How exciting. I would love to see them in the wild, lucky you.
    How strange also. Sheri at the Loopy Ewe also posted pictures of Great Horned Owls on her blog today.

  2. mk Says:

    I’m thinking Lucy and Sheri were together…

  3. Marie Says:

    What a wonderful day for you, such an amazing sight!

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