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Honor is Satisfied May 14, 2012

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The hallway floor is finished, a mere 7 months after we embarked on the project.
Life as we knew it may return here yet! My husband and I are still speaking: quite an achievement after all this turmoil.
It has been now been over a year since we began what should have been fairly straightforward renovations. Things went smoothly at first, but then we reached the hall flooring and the hassles began. How difficult is it to tile a hallway floor, a floor with simple straight edges? If you missed the fun, you can catch up here: Spunyarn 43

Yes, it was a mess. After much physical work on our part, accompanied by none-too-polite mutterings and sorely wounded trust, we removed the ‘new but not improved’ floor. Finally, I can report that the flooring company has done their bit: credit to them! They came and inspected, considered the matter, and sent a new gang of tile-layers who appeared to actually know how to lay tile. The floor has now been re-laid properly and the transitions between the rooms are nicely finished. It’s done, and done well, at last.

I will not name the flooring company here (locals may enquire privately), but I do want to applaud them for finally owning up to a shoddy job, and for moving in to take care of it without us having to resort to threats or small claims court. I’m sure that they didn’t enjoy the whole business anymore than we did, but honor is satisfied. The floor we paid for is now in place.


2 Responses to “Honor is Satisfied”

  1. mk Says:

    Congrats! I love your tile…It looks very similar to some I have picked out for two of the bathrooms in the new house. I am a long way off from tile being laid, but I hope things go smoothly. Slab may have been poured…it rained last week and I didn’t get over to the site (it is 50 miles from present home) to inspect. I will be there tomorrow, though.

  2. Wouldn’t you know the only time it has rained in Texas for ages you were hoping to get your floor poured! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

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