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Liberation! May 20, 2012

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There’s a fine old saying: “You can’t fire a volunteer.” I might add: “Especially when he’s your husband.”
Last year we set up a convenient and functional space with lighting and the necessary props on hand for filming video clips to augment the knitting patterns. We produced a few useful YouTube videos. In theory, with this setup, we could quickly film videos at any time. In practice, it has not worked that way! Filming was constrained to those times that he and I were around at the same time in the same place. That turned out to be a considerable limiting factor.
He’d film, edit and assemble the clips for me when we could get it together.

I’m frequently away, as is he, which meant tackling this on evenings and weekends. Yes, on weekends, when I try very hard not to work: a conscious (and often unsuccessful) effort. Then, along came the house renovations. That was a year ago, and it resulted in our film space filling with dispossessed chattels, and in the evaporation of time to do anything.

I’ve been accumulating swatches and samples for the new patterns, generally getting further and further behind in the video list. Not being able to post the clips meant that new finished patterns weren’t quite so finished. Frustrating.

Yesterday we cracked it! Susan offered to start filming for me (now that we have split her job and taken a stand on the overwhelming issues of data entry for $7 pattern sales that she was facing). There is as much paperwork for our government for a virtual sale as for a tangible one and we have to be doubly diligent not to get caught out.

In a spirit of desperation and knitterly adventurousness, Susan and I got busy with an Ipad and Imovie yesterday: here is our first attempt. It may not be going to Cannes, but it’s good enough to help a mystified knitter out!

Please let us know what you think about the style and quality of our clips.

My new You Tube channel is called lucyknit, please do subscribe. There is an older one – which we cannot combine with this one (the old story of lost passwords) under the name of lucyneatby which will likely remain static.

Happy happy stitches!

Tentacular Scarf


6 Responses to “Liberation!”

  1. Aunt Marti Says:

    I’m so pleased to see the new videos — and happy all your readers can subscribe to get updates as they appear. Well done, Susan!

  2. mlduthie Says:

    Well done.

  3. Marilyn Misegades Buster Says:

    Looks great on the iPhone!

  4. Joyknitsalot Says:

    Very nice!

  5. Sandra David Says:

    Excellent visual and verbal presentation — as always!

  6. Evelyn Says:

    Excellent and so clear on iPad

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