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Words to go with Warm Welcome in the West pictures! June 9, 2012

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I’m just back from a flying visit out West, to Puffy Mondaes in Nampa, ID on then on to Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City, UT.
In both places the weather was sunny and warm (a far cry from things around here currently).
Both events were delightful and very different to one another. Keren at Puffy Mondaes using my visit as a catalyst and her amazing energy, pulled together a charming little fibre festival in the town square. The event being down on the tracks, she appropriately christened Fibretrain, and plans to make it an annual event. I even ended up being seduced by fibre and picking up a spindle and produced a little plied yarn, my first in many years.My first handspun in years!
At Blazing Needles I was lucky enough to witness the illumination of the needles in the yard sculpture outside the store. The sculpture has a pair of needles that wave in the wind as they apparently knit a scarf from the large ball of metal yarn, and they may be lit as a torch to provide truly blazing needles. (It’s a beautiful store too.)
That’s it from me I’m on a secret mission to the UK tonight…. more in a couple of weeks.

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