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I Believe in Mermaids! July 11, 2012

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You might remember the incident with the seagull last year? He/she, a bird of exceedingly fine taste, made off scot-free with a skein of Curious Creek Omo Wool/Silk yarn.
Full story
Since then we have been wondering: whatever became of it? It was such lovely yarn. Did it line a luxurious nest or end up in Davy Jones’ locker? Now we know the answer: it was revealed when Hillary happened to be out fishing with a friend this spring.

The story is told in pictures below!

PS It’s rather fishy that the knitting Mer-person came up with a shawl using the very same type of Holes that are to be featured in my new book “The Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-knitters!”


14 Responses to “I Believe in Mermaids!”

  1. Mary G. in Texas Says:

    That’s a pretty “fishy” story, Lucy! (But I like the knitted results.)

  2. Laurie Says:

    That is the most stylish lobster I have ever laid eyes on.

  3. yarnsmith Says:

    I hope it’s not a boiled wool jacket by now!

  4. Tink Lizzie Says:

    I think the lobster knitted it with those ‘needles’ that are sticking out the top of its head.

  5. Kim Says:

    A lobster cozy – that’s got to be original!

  6. Karen Says:

    The water must be exceptionally cold this year, wonder if others will be appropriately dressed as well!

  7. henhouse Says:

    Mighty fine lobster with a mighty fine jacket. I hope you threw him/her back to knit another day. I foresee a series here. Crabs next, Maybe a children’s book. I was a children’s librarian and I am telling you this would make a fantastic book!
    Lee in Wisconsin

  8. Shelagh Says:

    Too funny!

  9. Pat Mackey Says:

    Only true Canadian could come up with such a neat story. My Dad would have loved it! Lucky lobster!

  10. Mary Pat in Newfoundland Says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Pictures like these are what makes life worth living. There’s always something magical (or at least delightful) happening somewhere.

  11. Pat Says:

    That is absolutely hilarious! I wonder if the lobster enjoys knitting lace! LOL What is even more amazing is that it actually turned up at all!

  12. Janice Reeping Says:

    Oh Lucy, What a story, Thanks for sharing. So sorry to hear that you broke your wrist. I’m a biker also, each time I go out I say a little prayer that I,ll be safe.
    My wish for you is a speedy recovery. I,m a very good Fan of yours.

  13. Becky Says:

    Hahahaha! Hope your bones knit back together nicely! : ) Becky from Omaha, who has knit a pair of Fiesta socks with purple as the solid color! : )

  14. Karin Says:

    We bought soft shells right off the boat in Maine. No cute outfits there : ( Perhaps the Newfie trend hasn’t made it down this far. Tell you’re lobsters to get the word out!

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