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It’s Been a Long Week July 21, 2012

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This is something I haven’t felt in decades. A week is not normally nearly long enough for me.
Thank you all for your many and kind wishes, thoughts and suggestions!
After my first day of major mental regrouping I’m trying to make the best of my new situation and doing ok mostly.
Perhaps the enforced change of pace will be good for me in the long run. I’ve eased up and am pottering along. I’m immensely grateful that I’ll still be able to get to the island, with the aid of friends to drop me at the ferry, and friends on island, there I can happily read and waste time with the best of them. Monday and my next island trip can’t come fast enough right now. I think I might even be able to drive my new purple tractor one handed, it is very slow and there is no traffic!
I’m determined not to push my arm in anyway until it’s well on it’s way to being healed; not to go for the ‘short term gain, long time pain’ option.
I’m working on a list of things that i should be able to get done, that normally don’t. However i find them just as unappetizing as before!

I’m lucky to have friends and a great gang at Tradewinds that are keeping things going beautifully, and are working a way around me having to sign their pay cheques! one morning I did send out one distress message and asked to be removed from here and distracted, Susan came to my rescue.

I’m horribly fidgety. I used to use a good bike ride as a way to soothe my mind and body into a tranquil state, hungry to work. I’m very frustrated to loose the time to exercise regularly as the rest of the year it’s very spasmodic, not to mention that we are having phenomenal summer weather.

Books read so far:
In the Wet by Neville Shute
The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking by Jane Brocket
Against the Flow by Dee Caffari

Even books don’t really hold me currently, they used to be an early morning treat (accompanied by tea to keep my hands busy).

Lovely messages from friends far and near. These are some of my favorite extracts:

“Yikes, a broken arm? I’m so sorry to hear it. ( But why did I just get a flash of a LN YouTube video three months from now called “Knitting w One Hand and a Set of Strong Teeth”. (And for advanced knitters, “Knitting while Setting Hand-Made Kitchen Tiles–Easier than You Think!”.) I believe in Lucy!”

“I feel your pain – no cycling, no knitting, no kayaking, no quilting and no driving the mini!!  Argh !  And this really takes the fun out of your summer break at home.
All that is left is reading, writing, watching movies and sleeping – the mundane things.”

“but how about if you own me as your chauffeur every Monday morning from anytime after 7:00AM until 11:30AM? That way shopping trips could be planned for and made, discretionary appointments traveled to, or just general stuff here and there accomplished. Other mornings (or afternoons) can be arranged upon request (pending my availability) in addition to Monday.”

“ G is away today, but should you need transport, he is a willing chauffeur.”

Great inventions:
One-handed dental floss. Not pleasant in the hand of a clumsy left hand, but better than none.
Electric toothbrush, much better than manual brush in left hand .
Stretchy sport bras.
Kindle – light and easy to read outdoors. I’m listening to fewer audio books as i need something to keep my hand busy!

Potential areas for future development:
Self-elevating underwear.
Self-squeezing shampoo.

Unappreciated assets:
The long narrow plastic bags the newspapers come in. I’ve always been appalled at the waste in using these bags, but they are perfect for protecting my plaster whilst showering!

Stop press:
I have a new pink cast. It’s wonderful cheery colour. It’s much lighter and more of my fingers are free. You could already see the improvement in the break on the x-rays. I’m stuck until Aug 24th but cautiously optimistic that I might been able knit a little when the bruising and swelling in my fingers abates.

Thank-you to all who have purchased copies of Hillary’s mouse book. Hillary is thrilled. Please feel free to send us a review. With the help of friends  i was still able to take delivery of my new-to-me tractor, Fiona last weekend.


9 Responses to “It’s Been a Long Week”

  1. Barbie O. in Montreal Says:

    Fiona is GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m lovin’ her purple vibe! (courtesy of Sam?) Haven’t had a chance to send condolences until now but have complete faith in your superhero ability to overcome obstacles in your way. Of course tinting your cast in one of your signature colours always helps! And by the time we cross paths I expect you will have invented the self-squeezing shampoo AND the self-elevating underwear!

    Cheers, Barbie

  2. pattie Says:

    never thought i’d see a tractor more colorful than Lucy’s hair!!!!

    focus on the fact that it is temporary, this loss of use of right hand. it could be so much worse.

    delighted to read your cup-half-full observations. no surprise, but things i’d forgotten since my own short incapacitation a few years ago.

    sending strong healing thoughts your way

  3. mk Says:

    Love Fiona!

    I cannot wait until September. You will be all mended and we will all be ready for Tancook Island delights.


  4. Lynn Says:

    1. Pump dispenser shampoo.
    2. Continental? Pit/lever knitting? Maybe with some sort of loop over the cast? If you search YouTube there are a couple videos on knitting left handed/one handed. Google search says there are things for people with prosthetics or amputees, if you get desperate.
    3. Recumbent bike? I have insomnia trouble if I haven’t done a good cardio workout once every two or three days. Can’t tell, from my size, but I feel for you – like knitting, it takes the edge off, too.

  5. Judy Says:

    You will have an amazing list of things one can do one-handed!
    Love that Fiona.

  6. Laura Says:

    Oh Lucy! So sorry to see this! If it makes you feel any better, well … maybe not … I broke my leg … just after I had purchased a manual, turbo … zippy, red car … I had to wait literally 6 months to a year to drive it … so hang in there! Keep thinking of wonderful ideas in your head … and record them on your iPhone … Laura

  7. dianne noe Says:


    Sorry to hear about the wrist! I love my Cattrike – recumbent bike – two wheels in front and one in back. Be glad to send you a pick of me out and about.Dianne

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