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Knit With Lucy – Knit Companion Designer Collection 1 August 8, 2012

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ImageAnnouncing another technological revolution!

A number of months ago, whilst teaching a workshop in Denver, I happened upon a couple of devoted Knit Companion fans! They speedily whipped out their iPads and began to demonstrate their Knit Companion Apps. This app allowed them to use any digital knitting pattern (scanned or downloaded) and to separate out the Abbreviations, assemble charts, add stitch and row markers, notes and audio clips to their pattern. It was impressive.
Sensing my interest, Sally Holt, the developer, came over and gave us an even fuller presentation of its capabilities.

We then began to discuss the possibilities of collaborating and the idea of adding selected DVD clips (from my extensive DVD library) to illustrate the techniques used in my patterns. The appropriate clip would appear just exactly where you need it, almost as if I were there with you to demonstrate.

I admit to being a little overwhelmed by the idea of preparing a pattern for Knit Companion straightaway (there are good tutorials provided on line), but sometimes there is just not enough time for everything. I loved the idea of creating a diverse collection of my designs all prepped for the knitter and felt that this would be a good introduction for any user to the benefits of this App. So our first designer collection was born.

It features seven of my designs (Bicycle Socks, Faroese Flower Shawl, Christabel Cloche, Disappearing Dots Scarf, Cloud Scarf and Stole, Paradoxical Mittens and Kasbah Vest) already prepared for you in this format, with a voice commentary from me and relevant technique clips from my videos embedded in the patterns. Just imagine being asked to use a two-colour tubular cast-on method, and there I am for you, embedded and ready to help, and with no need for internet access at that moment, either! The regular price is a total bargain and the introductory price is a steal! Get yours now.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Sally: she’s so dedicated to the detail and quality of her product. We also discovered that we both have a taste for the outdoors and had a wonderful modest hike together at Red Rocks outside Denver (which is where these pics were taken).



2 Responses to “Knit With Lucy – Knit Companion Designer Collection 1”

  1. JoLynn Says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I have decided to get an I-Pad. I would like some advise on features, that I should look into. Another question, should I buy online, or just go to the Apple store, which is probably at least an hour’s drive. I am leaning towards going to the store, for help with set-up.

    • Hi!
      I’d suggest a 32g pad with the full cover (back and front) and I’d buy it from the online store. It’s very user friendly to set up without help.
      I like the GoodReader app for reading many patterns.
      Have fun.

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