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Double Camping August 27, 2012

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Cat Scrap QuiltI’m going to camp and to camp!

Preparations for the Knitting on the Wild Side camp that I’m hosting
(beginning on September 15th) on Tancook Island are just now reaching a
crescendo, and at the same time I’m also getting ready to go to Michigan
next weekend to attend Gwen Marston’s quilt camp. This truly is camping
season! (I’ve been a bit deprived of the real thing this summer with my broken wrist.)

I have to admit to feeling a bit of a phoney going to Gwen’s camp, as
I’m not a real quilter. However, I have been so inspired by her
exuberant approach to Liberated quilting that I really want to meet her.
I’ve been busy packing a few quilting essentials and my fabric (it’s so
hard to choose) in preparation. It’s all going to be even more fun
because I’m meeting a good friend there and we’ll be doing camp
together, and my broken wrist has mended so well as to be fairly usable now!
I really have no idea what to expect, but I’m sure it is going to be
mind-expanding and totally exhilarating.
Just thinking: Maybe the knitters coming to Tancook Island are just as
excited and picking out their favourite needles and chocolates right now? I hope so.

I’m so looking forward to meeting them and taking them on the ferry! (It’s such a small ferry they’ll think it’s a bath toy.)Image


4 Responses to “Double Camping”

  1. mk Says:

    We can haz choc-litz?!?

    I am so looking forward to seeing Tancook Island in person and yes – I have already just about packed my yarn and knitting supplies. Munchies are next, and clothes are last….I do have my priorities. 🙂

    Have fun at quilting camp!

    See you soon

  2. Mary G. in Texas Says:

    The Tancook Island Ferry is what I think a ferry should be. I’ve taken those large ferries between Vancouver and Victoria B.C. before, and it was mind-boggling that something with so many people, cars, tour buses, and trucks could stay afloat! Wish I could be amongst your group on Tancook, but, alas, eye surgeries have taken all my money this year. Hope you all have a wonderful time with many stories to share.

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