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Traverse City Rocks! September 10, 2012

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Traverse City, Michigan has to be one of the most pleasant places on the planet!
A friend and I had to cool our heels here recently for 6 hours, prior to our flight out. Sounds as if it would be a chore, but on the contrary!
For a kick-off the United check-in staff were both delightful and accommodating including willingly storing a picture that I was carrying. We then toured town and in search of a highly recommended patisserie, we just couldn’t find it (or remember the name at the time), so we asked directions. We checked out the suggested small cafe nearby, but were told if this wasn’t the one, to come back and he’d direct us to another one that he thought would be a good/better bet.
We decided to make for one we had already walked past rather than bother this guy again, but he spotted us walking back and intercepted us. In the end rather than give us the complex directions – he kindly delivered us to the cafe in his truck!

We walked into the cafe, this was definitely the one, Chez Peres.

As we sat in the sun sipping our coffee we ordered beignets. We were cautioned that they would entail a 15 minute wait. We saw them served to the table next door and were happy to wait. It was worth every second. They were delivered to our table by a beaming waiter clearly delighted to unite us with this delicacy. They were piping hot, crisp, light and succulent within. Words fail me.

Fortified and happy we walked back to town and browsed the high street and found a number of delightfully non-chain stores staffed with delightful people. It was uplifting! The notably excellent restaurant, Poppycock, we tried on our first night in MI turned out to be closed for massive renovations, so we had to rethink lunch, we popped back into the spice store for advice. They suggested the brunch at Amical, and were not wrong. It was way above expectations and we were only looking for a simple lunch!

We caught a cab with very cheery and friendly, information-filled female driver back to the airport, where we were reunited with my picture. It proved a little hard to locate but they happily persisted until they found it hung on the wall of the office, looking as if it belonged there!

This airport was a charm. Even the security staff were amiable, and the staff would spontaneously smile in passing. (The only improvement would be free wifi, but I’ll take the cheerful atmosphere over the wifi.)


One Response to “Traverse City Rocks!”

  1. Well, Lucy,

    according to your quilt you have a wicked sense of humour, which I already knew and is no surprise that it comes out in your quilt as well as your other talents! Thanks for showing us your Gwen-inspired quilt top – I’ll bet she liked your wavy piecing – isn’t that fun?! Glad you enjoyed Traverse City and didn’t have to stay at the airport to wait. Sounds like an excellent finale to a good workshop.

    Good Luck with YOUR camp!

    Irene (on the road, having lived in Michigan waaaay too long but enjoying the visit)

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