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Knitting On the Wild Side: Island Life September 19, 2012

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Fiona and I treated some knitters to a little Island Tour

I love the pace of Tancook life.  From the moment I step on the Island-bound ferry in Chester, I can feel my shoulders relaxing, my brain slows down, and a sense of happiness fills my being.  When I step on Terra Firma on Tancook, I can feel the peace of the Island.  This is certainly my favourite place to recharge the batteries and let the creative juices flow.  My knitters are feeling it too, they’ll be finding it hard to leave on Friday!



Tancook Islanders are a hard-working people, but they do know how to enjoy life.
You haven’t met a more welcoming group of people!  This experience is so much more than a knitting class.  Our afternoons and evenings have been booked solid, and we’ve been treated to such glorious weather! We have enjoyed delicious meals, gorgeous views, fantastic tours and wonderful companionship.   We’ve had a lot of laughs and are building strong new friendships.
The Islanders are making this such a wonderful experience.  Every afternoon is a new adventure: from boat tours around the Island to Afternoon Tea to visits and knitting outside of the Wishing Stones Gallery, we are getting a taste of it all!
Every night’s supper is at another family’s house.  When it comes to hospitality, my neighbours are second to none. We have eaten appetizers on the lawn, played darts at the gallery, eaten pizza baked in an outdoor wood-fired oven and enjoyed chowder in a cabin open to the ocean.  What a lovely community, we are being treated like Island Royalty!
 And what could be better than to be ceremonially initiated as Honorary Tancookers?

7 Responses to “Knitting On the Wild Side: Island Life”

  1. marie Says:

    Sounds like HEAVEN! Enjoy every single minute! Love the photo’s, so happy you are posting them!

  2. ha we live in the same place..Queens (NY) is on an island.. and its named for queen charlotte, (and its a wonderful place) there is no place quite like home, is there?
    Of all the places I have traveled, Nova Scotia (and i was only one the mainland part) is the prettiest. I am told there are prettier places. (PEI) but…. lovely photo’s–wish i was there.

  3. margaret Says:

    Hope it is the first of many!

  4. Linda Watson Says:

    This was a fabulous week! Thank you so much to Lucy and her team of enthusiastic Tancook neighbours and friends for their wonderful hospitality. As an honourary Tancooker, I am looking forward to a return visit to this beautiful and relaxed place.

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