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Knitting On the Wild Side: Knitting on Tancook September 25, 2012

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Did I forget to mention that we were on Tancook Island for a knitting camp?  We were enjoying ourselves so much outside of class that I didn’t get the chance to recount how wonderful the knitting experience was that we had on the Island!

We were given full access to the Community Hall on Big Tancook for our daily lessons.  The main room is large and sunny, with lots of space for wandering, examining samples and knitters’ work and, of course, the coffee, tea, cookies and delicious lunches provided for us by the lovely Tancook locals.

What fun to welcome such a talented and diverse group of knitters to my Island home-away-from home!  From dedicated lace knitters to sock aficionados to designers and one lapsed knitter, this group presented me with a welcome challenge as a teacher.

Like the rest of life on Tancook, I decided to approach this challenge with a “go-with-the-flow” attitude.  While I did have some very specific goals in mind, I made an effort to allow time for questions and teaching opportunities that arose from the knitters themselves.  As well as working (and finishing) our Tancook hats as I’d planned, we also  started covering some of the newer patterns and techniques which I’ve been working on through the summer(broken arm be damned!) that are yet to be released.

describing some of the essential design elements of the Tancook hat

Did I mention how many talented fibre artists were amongst us?
During the show and tell afternoon I got a glimpse of what some of these talented women(and man!) have been working on.  What an impressive group of knitters!

Of course, as knitters, we like to take our craft with us wherever we go.  The Wishing Stones Gallery was a popular hang-out in the afternoons; Hillary has several couches and cozy chairs to get comfortable in. Many of us also congregated  outside for chatting, laughter and knitting.  And who could resist knitting on a boat on a beautiful sunny afternoon?!

The week flew past and our goodbyes came too soon.  I am touched by the many new friendships that blossomed here on Tancook, both between the knitters and between them and the locals.  I’ve heard from most everyone since camp broke up on Friday and we are all finding it just a bit difficult to adapt back into our everyday routines.

Tancook has a way of life all its own and it sure is hard to leave that behind, AIN’T IT!


4 Responses to “Knitting On the Wild Side: Knitting on Tancook”

  1. marie Says:

    What a fun group! I love your Venus sweater twins photo also. So happy for all of you, I know it will be a trip you will remember always!

  2. Linda Milton Says:

    Any knitting camp plans for Tancook for 2013? Any place to find additional details?

    • The next Tancook Island, “Knitting on the Wild Side” camp is scheduled tentatively for Sep 13 – 19th 2014. Next September (2013) I’m hosting an “Adventure Knitting” camp to the Magdaline Islands…. e mail us at info@lucyneatby.com and ask to be kept informed of either or both camps.

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