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Mysteriously Ugly Charts Now Beautiful Again! October 28, 2012

I was horribly dismayed recently when a customer emailed us about the dreadful charts in her Faroese Flower Shawl pattern. She said they were almost unreadable. We immediately mailed her some nice clear printed replacement charts and proceeded to investigate.
I checked the printed patterns we had on hand: the charts were beautiful. I checked the version of the Faroese Flower Shawl on the Knit Companion app: everything was lovely. But, when I checked the current digital version stored on our website, and on Patternfish, Ravelry and Craftsy, the charts that came up were repulsive, quite unreadable!

This popular pattern had undergone the very long and meticulous overhaul required to convert it from ‘printed on paper only’ to digital pdf format. The result was that the large charts looked stunning when drawn square by square in Illustrator in vector graphics, rather than clear but slightly pixellated from the old charting program. Having invested many, many hours in the conversion process it was a double disappointment to make this discovery.

It appears this bizarre sea-change took place between versions of the digital file. I have revisited the file and adjusted the way I upload the chart diagrams into the InDesign software; now all is seemingly well. Interestingly, there is no apparent difference on my screen! Both versions look odd, but when printed or viewed as a .pdf they are fabulous.

So please, if you have a digital (pdf) version of the Faroese Flower Shawl, do re-download it for wonderful charts. The opportunity to enhance, edit and update my stored files is one of the perks of this form of pattern delivery that I love.

FYI: The edit date of your patterns is found to the left of the price code on the bottom line of the front page. Patterns without a date in that spot are the original version; dating is added with each subsequent edit.

We take pride in the accuracy and usability of the patterns we produce, and we do listen to our customers. Without the feedback from this customer, we would have been totally unaware of the problem. No problem was apparent here in my office!
So stay in touch, we truly appreciate your business and support, and we most certainly want to make your stitches smile.

There are a few other patterns that I will be investigating in the next several weeks, including Poinsettia Shawl, A Little of What You Fancy Scarf, Equilateral Vest and Cape Spear Blanket. If they are on your wish list, please bear with me; I’ll be checking them over!

We’re planning a Faroese Flower Shawl  Knitalong in the new year using either the pattern or the Knit Companion app pattern, check our Spunyarn newsletter for details. If you are not confident with using charts consider reading this excellent little book by  J. C. Briar. It’s small, concise and clear. It may well change your life. Charts are wonderful (when they print nicely).


2 Responses to “Mysteriously Ugly Charts Now Beautiful Again!”

  1. I purchased my copy of the Faroese shawl pattern when I visited with the Craft Cruises group a year ago, but the yarn is still languishing in the stash. So I’m looking forward to a knitalong. Now I’m really motivated to get all the Christmas knitting done on time. We have four January birthdays in our family, and I usually use that fact to give myself some leeway when I take on too much for a December 25 deadline. But I’ll be ready and watching.

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