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My Double-Knit Hat Frenzy November 7, 2012

In an amazing Tour de Speed, I have managed to write the Sky Diamond DK Hat pattern, get it test-knitted by some fantastically speedy and enthusiastic knitters, have it properly photographed by our wonderful Hillary, all in the course of a mere month or so! It is now available on my website. This was an all-time record for me.

The necessary stages from idea to published pattern usually take a lot longer, but Diane, a member of my office crew who also does some test-knitting for me, just adores double knitting and had this hat made very quickly.

The photographic stage was speeded up by the impending arrival of Superstorm Sandy: my plan of spending a couple of days on Tancook Island and then bringing Hillary’s disc of photos back with me got deep-sixed. The imminent storm implied uncertain ferry service back to the mainland, and I could not take the chance of being marooned on the Island for an extra day. Getting to the airport a day late for my flight to the next teaching venue was not worth contemplating!
So I had only the one day on the island; it was a day packed with activity!

Whilst I winterized my cottage and stacked firewood, the resourceful Hillary gathered a few of our friends and had a speedy photo shoot. I must say, I have the most wonderful friends and neighbours there (and they are photogenic too). I brought the disc back with me and spent the wet and windy days putting the finishing touches to the pattern.
You might notice amongst the pictures that there is a second hat design, too. It’s going to be the Annapurna Hat (1 & 2) very soon: I’m just waiting for pictures of the second version of Annapurna.


11 Responses to “My Double-Knit Hat Frenzy”

  1. s.e. Says:

    I love those 2 hats. I am going to be able to attend your open house this year for the first time in years. I’ll have to pick up a couple of these patterns. I have been wanting to try the double knitting.

  2. It looks like I have more hat knitting in my future!

  3. Linda Watson Says:

    These hats are beautiful… and the Tancook models are even more so 😊

  4. yarnsmith Says:

    The new hats look great, and what a treat to see those now-familiar Tancook faces, especially Hillary’s dad!

  5. Lenora Says:

    Fabulous! Don’t really need double knit hats in southern California – – but we travel to winter and love looking stylish!

  6. Louise Says:

    Just bought the Sky Diamond Hat pattern. Thanks!!

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